Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back Seat

Back Seat Romances Todays society is various from that of fifty years ago. One reason for this change is when our p arnts were creation adolescence, they were taught to detect family values. For example, the stigma that an unwed, pregnant immature carried then would be disastrous for both the family and her today. However, society rewards these same teenagers-in the eyes of some- with give up medical c atomic add up 18, childc atomic number 18, housing, food and education. Ironically, this may actually uphold paternal quality among teenagers. Although every child deserves nice food and a correctly dwelling, reinstating family values among teens in addition to parents outgo more(prenominal) shape with children may be the steps necessary to reduce teen pregnancy. Many teenagers become parents because The breakdown of the family system may encourage adolescents to seek other roll in the hay objects in or overcompensate for their lack of attention and nurturance ( Ravert 3). Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend for numerous teens today. A result of this breakdown is teenagers are left to make out for themselves because mom and dad are either too cross working, divorced, or just do not care enough to spend fourth dimension with his/her children. Therefore, these young people are spending too much clipping alone and, even more alarming, are the number of teens who are seeking companionship in the bed of another teen. How do they do it, the ones who make love/without love (Olds 1-2)? Our teenagers need to be taught to dupe more respect for themselves, so they can deplete a better bread and butter for themselves and the children they will have later in liveness, Findings indicated the pregnant adolescents had a higher life change event scores with a greater number of life change events than did their non-pregnant peers (Ravert 2). With all of the learning available to the overt on the effects of divorce on our kids, the amount of ti me spent alone, and how the chances of teena! ge pregnancy addition when the two are combined, we-as parents-should do more to stay...If you want to take in a full essay, order it on our website:

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