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p Health System ManagementNameSubjectProfessorDateThe 9 /11 peach made a Brobdingnagian impact in the gracious be that each human being started to worry astir(predicate) their lives 24 /7 . It created such panic that a yield of beddid Arab nationals living in the States were killed . It is a sad situation that a lot of lives were lost during act of terrorism , barely is the serviceman being unfair to the innocent Arab people ? Yes , we can t denounce them for being so paranoid but the Arabs too put one over merit respect . Not all Arabs be terrorists . excessively , not all terrorists are Arabs (Smith 2007 ,. 2If I were given a fall out to a ranking(prenominal) counterterrorism official for the national government in a large American urban center , I would steady do the same protocol , the same basic use tha t any other senior counterterrorism official would do . given over that the city I would be working on has a relatively authoritative Arab cosmos , I would make it a full continue that I would be fair to the Arabs . Actually , I would sojourn to be fair to everyoneThe world has proclaimed war against terrorism . And it would be my duty to support that campaign . If the city that I ll be working on has a huge Arab people , I don t think it would hurt I turn on beneathcover agents and investigate their community . Their careerstyle and preferences is a huge pre type to any terrorism attack . attestor living in the community may also be necessary as it go out make the investigation a lot easierHowever , I will make it a point that no life will be wasted under my term . As long as there are no attacks , I won t find it necessary to go send man and start another war . No Arab life will be lost as headspring Everyone deserves to liveI believe that everything can be settle d in a peaceful delegacy . There is no war ! inwardly America . So why start one ? The Arab population in the verdant has been good to us in a way and I think we have a bigger problem to face - IraqTo sum it all up , I will do certain investigations , lifestyle checks to the Arab community in my city but I will not do anything to harm or kill any one of them unless necessaryReferencesAndersom , L (2003 . The Future of Iraq : totalism , Democracy or Division ? Palgrave : Palgrave MacmillanCole , J (2006 . The Ayatollahs and Democracy in Iraq . Amsterdam Amsterdam University crowd . Pages 15-150Smith , K (2007 . War on Terrorism . Boston : Boston University Press Pages . 2-30Webner , M (2003 . The knowledge domain after 9 /11 . Palgrave : Palgrave Macmillan...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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