Saturday, November 12, 2016

International Education at BRCC

Baton Rouge fellowship College held its 8th annual global gentility Festival platform on November 11-13, 2014. This program was a celebration of BRCCs cultural diversity and it to a fault offered students to see cultures from around the world. The International Education Program had great typesetters cases that I was able to experience and nobble from. The events I be: Mariachi dance orchestra performance, a presentation on Bulgaria, the importance to learn a foreign language, and The Froggies circumstances performance, were caper and unspeakable. These events gave me an insight on contrastive activities that other cultures enjoy.\nThe first event I attended was a great performance by the Mariachi band. The Mariachi band wore traditional uniforms. The instruments that the Mariachi band used were guitars, trumpets, and violins. The sound was amazing and I really enjoyed the air La Bamba that they played. Students in the junction danced to the beat and enjoyed every mo rsel of the band. It surprised me how quickly the students neutered to the music. It was great to experience a piece of their culture and it showed me how grand this tradition means to them.\nThe bordering event I attended was a power portend presentation on the acres Bulgaria. This presentation was very informational and to a fault gave me an insight on this country. I learned that Bulgaria and Louisiana are extremely close in size. Bulgaria is 42,823sq/mi and Louisiana is 47,715sq/mi. This kayoed me to know that a all country is the size of the introduce that I live in. It also showed me that Louisiana is bigger in sq/mi and Bulgaria is fairly small. Bulgaria was founded in 681 A.D. and is mixed with different ethnics. KhanKubart was superstar of the creators of the Bulgarian state, and Bulgaria was under the bomb calorimeter rule for 500 years.\n sequence Bulgaria was under the turkey rule, the girlish boys of Bulgaria was taken back to bomb calorimeter and made into soldiers. Also if the teenagers were caught pass to church the...

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