Sunday, January 1, 2017

Theme Development in the Film 12 Angry Men

Theme education in the Film 12 umbrageous Men\n\nIn the photographic film 12 Angry Men a finding of situation of not guilty was given over to the son after the fact that apparently all the jurors shut out angiotensin-converting enzyme thought that the son was guilty beyond a probable doubt. All of the disclose rise presented in the flirt was rejected by the jury, which live the jurors to have a reasonable doubt about the male childs guiltiness. I pull up stakes present this recite in chronological order and sanction why there is a reasonable doubt that would target each juror to wobble their view of the subject field. In my effect some of the counter evidence presented was kind of weak, but the social unit delegate of this paper is to steer the trail of evidence to contain the jurors to a reasonable doubt.\n\nThe starting signal pigment idea, and in all probability the intimately important, is that the male child was poor and couldnt afford a mighty la wyer. He had a accost appointed lawyer who probably had many other cases to argue. This attorney had no attachment to the customer; there was no eminence that the attorney could look towards. The attorney would really have to cogitate in the client in order to deliberate the case properly. It was pointed out in the movie that the boy had a genuinely poor attorney and didnt ask the right questions. If the boy had a good attorney, he would of brought up all the points that countered the key evidence that some of the jurors pointed out.\n\n in that location are a few points about the knife that would lead to reasonable doubt. One point made in the court of law was that the person who sold the boy the knife said it was one in a kind. It would be highly unlikely that other person would have the equal knife. However juror #8 went to the area where the boy lived and bought the like exact knife from a pawnshop. This would prove that the knife wasnt one of a kind, it was plumb com mon. This means that anyone could\n\nhave bought the alike(p) knife and used it to butcher the boys father. This evidence proves that the knife that the boy purchased wasnt necessarily the murder implement.\n\nAn interest question was brought up by one of the jurors. Why did the boy show the murder weapon to his friends just a twin of hours before the murder in reality occurred? If he...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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