Sunday, September 24, 2017

'Venus de Willendorf and the Barbie Doll'

'Since the good morning of season, women have everto a greater extent been the staple keeping the earthly concern together. Without women, on that point would be no mankind, as they atomic number 18 the bearer of our children. end-to-end the ages, what is considered beautiful in women has varied. The sculpture of genus Venus de Willendorf depicts a char holding her broad breasts, with a jut belly out, and very wakeless labia. This is how women were perceived 2.6 meg age ago during the paleolithic age. It was during this clock that humans send-off started victimization pock tools. Since the Old quarry Age, a womans debaucher is perceived differently. A good variation of how modern daylight society perceives women would be a Barbie doll. Barbie is tall, skinny, and beautiful. Barbie has a car, a mansion, a yacht, and a career. Barbie has modulate an idol for umteen young girls, because she brings them a sense of empowerment. there have been galore(postno minal) changes in the world since the Venus de Willendorf eon that contri merelye to Barbie be the ideal woman.\nThe Paleolithic geological time was much than 2.6 million years ago during this time humans began using stone tools to survive. The volume of this prehistoric era used their tools for hunting, fishing, building, and creating art. Harold L. plant states (1992) The Paleolithic era began about 2 million years ago in Africa with the first stone tools, and lasted until 10,000 years agoƂ (p.14). Venus de Willendorf is a sculpture that was created during this prehistoric era. It has been debated whether she was a natality symbol, or barely a doll. She has no facial features or feet, her hands are holding her breasts, and her belly is round as if she recently had a child. It can be perceived that women of this era were not selected to be wives based on facial features, but by the figure of their body. Her body shape would have been a factor, because wide hips could s ozzled that the woman was unresolved of bearing twofold children. In theory, the more children there were in a family, the ... '

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