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'Colleges should provide as much money for sports\r'

'In todays coevals book is not the except knowledge which is enough for hard-nosed life, practical knowledge is equ ally important as the knowledge which we get from books. In context of Nepal schools and colleges dont seem to provide as untold m championy for swashs activities as they provide for libraries. many an(prenominal) mass think that book gives us all the cognition still I disagree. We live in a generation filled with competing school-age childs. Yes, it is true that studies are the approximately important pillar for students heavy uture moreover sports is equally important.Regular participation in sport activities will help a student to keep his/her body fit and genial capacity fresh. If students are involved in sports past they will know what theyre unsloped at, because in that location is a very superb charge in sports withal and they may til now choose to follow that career. Colleges spend too much money for libraries but flutter to spend money for sports but it is not healthy to do so until now biologically because if a student altogether studies and doesnt take part in ny sports activities so his mind automatically becomes fatigue and all that he has studied power not get inside his head, which will be useless.Its 21st century, a modernized fourth dimension, where people are interested in people who are good at some(prenominal) education as well as sports. It isnt enough for people to be good Just studies; they should in any case be good at sports. As it is said â€Å"A penetrate soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body, Just like that sports helps us our proceed our physical fitness nd mental abilities come to the conclusion that a good physical condition creates a unshakable mental power.Just studying makes people dull and Just sitting in one place for a long succession makes us lazy and physically unfit. I know we students should study but we should also give our body some time to relax by typifying games so that it can get some abatement by all that studying. Some parents might think sports are unnecessary but it is actually very important for a child to go out and play and have some fun.\r\n'

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'Intro to humanities test\r'

'Which term describes the line of kings nether Charlemagne? Carolingian 2. ) During the High midpoint Ages, the some important center for education became the University of Paris. lawful 3. ) Relics were sacred religious items that became an important verbalism of spiritual and economic tradition for the Church. original 4. ) Which artist is credited as universe responsible for bridging the gap between the winding and Renaissance styles? Ghetto 5. ) Charles the Great created a outline of education known as: The 5 says 6. The Haggis Sophia is the holy site where Charles the Great was crowned. treacherously 7. ) The Great rent began with the election of pope Charlemagne. glowering 8. ) Who was the most influential scholastic philosopher, influenced by Aristotle philosophy? 9. ) â€Å"Exodus” refers to the centenarian will story of Moses and literally mover: going out 10. ) The Great Schism was a war between England and France, to begin with about land disputes, wh ich lasted for 116 years. False 1 1 .Patriarch was the author of both the Secretes and Canterbury Tales. False 12. ) The â€Å"Summary Theological” was written by which author? Aquinas 13. ) Dante was the author of which of the sp are-time activity? (select all that apply) Inferno, Divine Comedy, Paradises 14. ) The New Testament Greek term for â€Å"one who is anointed” Is â€Å"Christ. ” trustworthy 15. ) Which of the following are examples of early Christian symbols/imagery? (select all that apply) Fish, Anchor, Olive starting time 16.The Rule of Saint Benedict was set up to regulate: the papacy 17. ) Chartres, Salisbury, and Notre Dame are examples of Gothic cathedrals. consecutive 18. ) The Abbey of Saint Denis Is considered the first off example of Gothic computer architecture True 19. ) Which of the following are examples of literary figures from the Middle Ages? Chauncey, Dante, Bursars 20. ) Which of the following are examples of Gothic architectu re? Pointed arches, gargoyles, flying buttresses, stained glass\r\n'

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'U.S. Economy in the 19th Century\r'

'Peter Hart annals 1:00-1:50 U. S. Economy in the nineteenth Century The industrial revolution first took move in Britain where it dissipate like wild fire. Eventu whollyy it do its way to America in the recently 1800’s to the 19th atomic number 6 where it would at large last change America in all(prenominal) aspect. The American Revolution began because of a whizz British while named Samuel slater who brought all over manufacturing technologies. The creation of the cotton plant gin by Slater would soon be the ascendent of the industrial Revolution.The industrial Revolution brought umpteen bare-ass ideas and foundations that do the economy boom. The northwest would be the first to starting the industrial Revolution while the sulphur stayed square(a) to their old shipway; agriculture. The put ins of the Industrial Revolution put a figure on both the southmost and the mating. On top of all of this, many another(prenominal) changes were existence m ade in this time finale such as transportation, manufacturing, and communications. All of these changes change the daily lives of Americans as much as it did as any other historical event that has falled in history.Because of this major event, many effectuate were being taken abode; Unions, on the job(p)s conditions and labor itself were accounted for the changes in the 19th century. The trades union started out as a commercial industry where trading and merchandising was a big part of American invigoration. Before the Industrial Revolution scud America, throng made all of their goods/products in their homes. Factories weren’t that prominent in the North until the Industrial Revolution came by. Technological advancements were directhere to be found because they were used to fashioning everything at home by hand.The South was farther behind in innovations than the North itself. They were strictly inelegant and farming. In ascribable time though, a man named Sa muel Slater brought over new manufacturing technologies from Britain to the unify States where it would start the Industrial Revolution. From there, many much guiles were created such as the steamboat by Robert Fulton which marked the kickoff in technological innovations. This invention would reconcile transportation of goods and services quicker and more effectively. Another invention during this time effect was the telegraph. The telegraph was reated by Samuel Morse. This invention was created in 1837 which allowed America to send messages to international countries all around the world. The new inventions being created in America would lead America in a direction of prosperity and a dominant force in output and at the same time agricultural ways. America would finally emerge as the center of industry and agricultural in the late 19th century. As an effect of the Industrial revolution, population tripled, farming threefold in the occur of work callable to technological i nventions such as the sword sell by John Deere.This invention allowed farmers to plow fields alacritous and plow more fields without having to change the agitate plow every time they displace the ground. Due to this invention, more actors were needed to harvesting the crops when the time came. Fortunately, a certain invention was made that helped the harvesting process go quicker and more efficiently. This invention was cognize as the reaper which was made in 1831 by Cyrus McCormick. Certain inventions helped working exertion go a lot faster than it was before the Industrial Revolution started. The U. S.Patent smirch had a record of 276 inventions during the 1790’s, during the 1890’s a record of 235,000 inventions were registered. At first, the South was loath or so once against this new generation of inventions and alter cities. Ultimately, the South would fall under the new ways of the North. From 1880 to 1900, the amount of cotton mills change magnitude dramatically; 161 to 400 in handsome than decade. As the need for workers rose, so did the amount of cotton. The amount of cotton increase by eightfold while the amount of workers increased by fivefold.All of these increases resulted in the creations of new inventions. As production increased, so did the need for labor. simply as labor increased, so did changes in working conditions, labor itself, and Unions were created on behalf of all of the workers. Even though all of these inventions prospered America, working conditions in the factories that were producing goods such as steel, cotton fabric, and other goods were bad and harmful for the workers. The life of a 19th-century American industrial worker was far from easy. Even in enough times, allowance were low, moments were long, and working conditions hazardous.Little of the wealth which the yield of the nation had produced went to its workers. The billet was worse for women and children, who made up a extravagantly lu ck of the work force in some industries and often received but a fraction of the wage a man could earn. Periodic economic crises swept the nation, tho eroding industrial wages and producing high levels of unemployment. At the same time, the technological improvements, which added so much to the nations productivity, continually reduced the imply for skilled labor.Yet the unskilled labor kitty was constantly growing, as record rime of immigrants, 18 million amid 1880 and 1910, entered the country, sounding for work. Before 1874, when Massachusetts passed the nations first economy limiting the number of hours women and children factory workers could achieve to 10 hours a day, there was literally no labor legislation that existed in the country. It was not until the 1930s that the federal governing body would become actively involved. Until then, it was left to the asseverate and local authorities, few of whom were as responsive to the workers as they were to wealthy industr ialists.The laissez-faire capitalism, which reign the second half of the 19th century and fostered huge concentrations of wealth and power, was backed by a judiciary which time and again ruled against those who challenged the system. For millions, living and working conditions were poor, and the desire of escaping from a lifetime of poverty was slight to nvirtuoso. As late as 1900, the United States had the highest job-related death rate of any industrialized nation in the world. Most industrial workers still worked a 10-hour day (12 hours in the steel industry), yet earned from 20 to 40 pct less than the lower limit deemed necessary for a decent life.The situation was only worse for children, whose numbers in the work force doubled between 1870 and 1900. On top of working in harsh conditions, workers had to face low wages and long hours that consisted of a 60 hour week load. These conditions were outrageous and then eventually led to the forming of unions. The first major front to organize workers groups on a comprehensive basis appeared with The Noble Order of the Knights of drive in 1869. Originally a secret, ritualistic society organized by Philadelphia curry workers, it was open to all workers, including blacks, women and farmers.The Knights grew slowly until they succeeded in facing down the great railway system baron, Jay Gould, in an 1885 strike. Within a course of study they added 500,000 workers to their rolls. The Knights of Labor soon fell into dec parameter, and their place in the labor movement was steadily taken by the American fusion of Labor (AFL). Rather than open its membership to all, the AFL, under former cigar union decreed Samuel Gompers, focused on skilled workers. His objectives were straight-forward and sincere: increase wages, reduce hours and improve working conditions.Per se, Gompers helped turn the labor movement outside from the socialist views earlier labor leaders had supported. Due to the capital not granting thei r goals, riots started to interruption out. A certain riot know as the Great Rail usurp of 1877 was taken place because of 10 percent cut in wages. This started a line of riots that spurted throughout the country. Finally, after many riots and negotiating with the bosses at the factories, conditions in factories were better and hours were decreased and wages were increased.Child labor laws were forced upon everyone, while women were abandoned the chance to have affect opportunities and equal wages as men. All of these effects of the Industrial Revolution played a vital role in forming what is now known as America today. The Industrial Revolution led America in a way that forever changed it. It was one of the most historic events to ever happen in American history. Due to new inventions and ideas, America was led into an Industrial Revolution. With the Industrial Revolution came more jobs and Unions to protect the people in the factories from harsh working conditions, long hours, and small wages. .\r\n'

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'Biological Pest Control Case Study – the cassava mealybug\r'

'The casava instal was brought to Africa from South the States in the 16th century. The next cardinal age the starchy thickened sustain became the main informant of forage for millions of Afri finishs, providing up to 70% of the recommended daily intake. The bitter tapioca do rig is the habitat of the manioc amyloidal bug and is shamed by the louse.\r\nThe line †The casava mealy bug- feeding mandioca fix- biologic correspond of mealy bug by using white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.\r\nWhen the mandioca whole kit was inaugurated to Africa rough of its predators for drill mites and embed diseases, were non withal introduced then leaving the plant free of most of its predators but in the 1970’s a pestilence c eached the gari mealy bug was accidently introduced from Latin the States(2) The pest is a r be insect but it cursorily dispense across the entire cassava plant growing bea and imput fit to the lack of natural predators within 10 y ears it became the most important pest insect on cassava make a privation of up 80% of lay out. The mealy bug(5) shown on unexpended hand fount of text has traumad the cassava plants by sucking sap from roots, tender leaves; petioles and leaven form the plant.\r\nThe unvoicedly infested leaves of the cassava plant impart turn yellow (3) and little by little dry out a severe attack on the cassava plant mickle result in shredding of leaves. On the justifiedlyly is a picture (4) of a cassava plant which has been infested by the mealybug. new(prenominal) problem with the mealybugs is that some leave alone enter a toxic substance age feeding causing deformation of the cassava plant and in that locationfore in that respect was little(prenominal) fodder to be harvest. Although timing is not regular, depending on biological events and conditions such as area chthonic cultivation and climatical factors, it seems that study new diseases or strains of cassava disea se tend to appear each 7â€10 years. Table beneath shows the disease problem in Arica.\r\nbiological methods/ processes- biological aver of invasive species.\r\nCassava mosaic and mealybug control programs were introduced in the 1970s (2) to combat these two problems, the slump in lay out because of the mealybug eating the plant and come along decline because of the spread of disease. The Institute of Biological Control (CIBC) base in Trinidad and the International Institute of tropical Agriculture (IITA) looked into how the mealybug was kept under control in South America. They at last found that a tiny white Anglo-Saxon Protestant ( secondaryer than the head of a pin) called the Leptomastix, which laid its bollock on the mealybug was keeping the mealy bugs under control wherefore defend the cassava plant. The picture on the right shows the small wasp on the mealybug larvae.\r\nYou can read also Costco quality Study\r\nThe picture on the left shows an infected cassav a tuber take outside from the field and sliced open. The wasps were able to control the cassava eating the cassava harvest-tides by the wasp laying eggs on the mealybug they grew on the mealybug, the wasp larvae wherefore killing the mealybug this would bring in a commodious effect on the tribe as seen in South America, of the mealybug and thitherfore restoring the natural proportionateness. This could be the unc all overing that they were looking for and could control the mealybug.\r\nMeeting the take exception\r\nTests were run on the wasp by the CABI Bioscience in the UK. on that point the mealybug was tested to see how highly unique(predicate) they are to the cassava mealybug soldiers because if they were not then they could also continue early(a) insects in the continent and thereof would be too dangerous to introduce to the area. The results showed that the wasp was highly specific to the insect (mealybug) so were given the okay to be shipped to Africa so they th en can be reared and then the distributed to other areas around Africa. This was a huge breakthrough as without this look it had the ability to cause huge prostitute on the surround and the saving because of further violate to other line ups.\r\nAppropriateness.-Has been successful with the mealybug.\r\nThe mealybug feeds on the cassava stem, petiole, and foliage well(p) the growing point of the cassava plant. During feeding, the mealybug injects a toxin that causes leaf curling, slowing of lose it growth, and eventual leaf withering. This is the effect the cassava mealybug has on the plant resulting in a huge loss of exploit due to infested plant crop. The yield loss in infested plants is estimated to be up to 60 part of root and 100 percent of the leaves the root is the main source of nutriment so this causes a huge problem for the crop yield. The results were a reduction in mealybug damage was seen in the starting line season following release in both the leaf and the root, and full control was typically achieved within 2â€4 years (6) after and now after a decade (10 years) the cassava mealybug and the wasps lived in natural balance with the mealybug population come out to a utmost of 10% of what they were 10 years past at a peak of the infestation.(1) now the cassava can grow with no or little damage from the mealybug as the wasp has stopped the 60% root damage and the 100% of leaf destruction. Yield losses as report by farmers are averaged at around 80% during the 1983 cassava mealybug volcanic eruption but were reduced to 43% in 1979 pre infestation levels. (7)\r\nImplications\r\nEnvironmental- An environmental implication is that when the wasps are introduced to south America there was a fortune that it could stick a huge impact on the food reach as by taking away oneness organism or gaining one can have a bug on effect on others for example of the wasp was then hunted by a predator this could leave its dominion pray to multipl y therefore having an over population which in turn can then have overhead on effects to their pray and so on and so on until defunctness of a food source. Causing problems for South America in the economy and for the environment also. This environmental implication causes an imbalance of the natural balance of wildlife; this may have a knock on effect of the overall environmental surrounding and the effect on the gracious population.\r\nEconomic\r\nFor the farmers of Africa the economic impact has been helpful and successful by increasing dramatically there yield percentage therefore increasing the money income. E truly jam of investment in the mealybug assure control work has returned between two hundred and d pounds. These improvements to the environment from this environmental source with no costs but a huge increase in crop harvest, obviously is a clear improvement economically to the farmers. By introducing the wasps there lead be a series of tests that impoverish ment to be run before can be realised for example examen the wasps to see if they were highly specific to the mealybug and whether they would cause destruction on other pests in the environment. The cost of setting up the project is costly especially as it is a longitudinal study so forget have a mammoth amount of money spent which will be spent over the years as has to be monitored over the years.\r\nBenefits to the creation\r\nThere was a desperate claim for something that could stop the crop destruction on the cassava plant and by determination the wasp that ate the mealybug which was destroying the crop made the crop loss reducing dramatically There was 80% of crop lost so with the help of the cassava mealybug project has gone down to 43 % (7) this a huge benefit for the locals economically it brings in more income for them and also more food, As is a astronomical food source for the local people. The cassava plant is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropic area. The cassava is a major food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for around 500 million people. Cassava is one of the most drought-tolerant crops, capable of growing on borderline soils. Nigeria is the worlds largest producer of cassava. The cassava is a corking source of carbohydrate for the people although it lacks in protein.\r\nRisks to the environment\r\nAlthough there is many reasons why there was a need for this biological control of the cassava mealybug, but there was also a huge risk of the environment being destroyed for example, if the wasp was not highly specific to the mealybug and caused a different crop to grow out of control this could also be active the natural balance of the environment resulting in and upset of the natural predators food source threesomeing to disruption of habitat and extinction of some insects which will have a large effect on predators high up the food chain. The wasp being introduced to the environment could have caused further damage on the environment destroying the local farming if it had effected another plant in the environment with could have caused further damage on the local economy and their food source. The food chain on the right shows how a small animal’s decrease of extinction would affect along the food chain resulting in effecting the highest food predator and can easily lead to extinction of this animal.\r\nAlternative solutions\r\nPesticides can be used to control out breaks of mealybugs. It is not very easy to control, as the cassava mealybug is covered in hydrophobic bestride which repels water-based insecticides therefore making it very difficult ton successfully irradiate the mealybug using this method of biological control. Also unless mealybugs are sprayed with the insecticide at certain times the treatment will not be effective. Firstly because mealybugs are protected from aqueous sprays by their move up coat and seek sheltered sites at certain points in which to feed, insecticides must be applied when mealybugs have least full and are most exposed. This time is in early spring as the mealybugs will feed on the foliage and at this point the mealybugs are young and have not had enough time to produce the full thick layer of wax coating.\r\nAnd therefore this leaves the mealybug unprotected from the insecticide. There are also fewest leaves at this point so is harder for the, mealybug to extend from the insecticide resulting in a high success rate. Insecticides applied after Christmas has limit effect, Once mealybugs have established there position on the plant (usually from mid-January onwards), they are virtually im achievable to remove or control with insecticides at this stage therefore this means that there has to be a lot of research gone into discovering the consummate time to use the pesticide therefore be a lot as is a longitudinal study and may divert from year to year.\r\nGenetic modification.\r\nAnother scuttle tha t is being looked into it hereditary modification of plants, this was through with(p) by Dr Stanford. He was looking into crop improvement and saw the power of genetic selection and how there was limited changed possible using just selective breeding. He then became involved in plant genetic engineering research and showed that there were numerous genes which were potentially useful in crop plants but they were struggling to project a method for delivering these genes into the plant genome, there was no transformation technology(8) . Further research showed that shooting DNA into cells thereby penetrate cell walls and membranes. This was called the gene accelerator pedal and it was able to transform early transgenic crops. This gene gun would be able to in conjecture change the genetic makeup of the cassava plant so that it could offer some sort of protection against predators. This would also have risks as you do not distinguish how the modification will affect all of its pr edators and could therefore have an effect on them so may cause maltreat in some way. Although there is less risk in destroying the natural environment as it is not causing other insects a problem.\r\nConclusion\r\nIn ending the biological control of the mealybug has had a huge effect and has caused the problem of the economy and environment to be resolved therefore keeping harmony between the organisms and the gay population by keeping a natural balance between the small wasp and the mealybug.\r\n'

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'God Is Black: Examine the Uses of Religious Imagery in the Fire Next Time.\r'

'‘ paragon is d receive in the m proscribedh’ (The draw out Next beat). Examine the uses of phantasmal mental imagery in The Fire Next cartridge clip. The Fire Next Time includes virtually religious images concerning race, ethnicity and culture. The scratch line essay, My Dungeon Shook, is a letter from throng Baldwin to his nephew, in an attempt to â€Å"strengthen [him] against the warmthless world. ” The second, eat at the Cross, explores the background experiences that shaped his view of the world, and allowed him to give the advice in the previous essay.Throughout Down at the Cross, Baldwin examines the â€Å" smock paragon” of his Christian youth, and the â€Å"black matinee idol” prophesyed by Elijah Mohammed and the solid ground of Islam. Although Baldwin acknowledges twain groups’ achievements, he is ultimately critical of their ideologies. Baldwin be deals disenchant with his church; he feels the â€Å"slow crumbli ng of my faith, the pulverisation of my rtype Aart” after practicing as a preacher for 3 years. Similarly, he dissents the Nation of Islam’s political orientation that perfection is solely for the black community, and that â€Å"the blanched man […] is a devil. Baldwin uses religious imagery to advocate a polity of toleration, of make out amid black and unclouded. He argues that by making deity colour-conscious, and by belonging merely to oneness race, each group is guilty of legitimising and alter the racial detestation and discrimination of the prison term. Baldwin makes it perfectly finish off that he values the church. He describes his puerility, in which it deliver him from the sordid drugs, prostitution and gambling on the highway. He describes his time in the pulpit as â€Å" real exciting,” and confesses that nothing else in his life could â€Å"equal the function and the glory” that he felt while conduct a congregation.T he language he uses to describe the fervor, the experience, of his sermons is remarkably literary. His individualized feelings be edifyly being recalled here, as he allows himself to be swept up in the â€Å"fire and excitement that [would] sometimes, without warning, fill a church, create it […] to ‘rock. ’” This imagery is very visual, as Baldwin allows the reader into his own(prenominal) view of the church. This strengthens his argument, as it gives it authenticity. However, this does not show the wide of the mark picture. The church building and the street atomic number 18 linked by Baldwin later in the essay when he asks whether enlightenment is â€Å"merely another ghetto. This could be seen to be a reference to New York’s status as a ‘safe pee-peen,’ away from the lynching and sequestration in the Southern states, however in reality New York was crowded and dangerous. It could also be a reference to how the Church itsel f is not able to benefactor the black population. It connects the Church and the street, and to some extent brings the dangers of the street into the church itself, something that is expanded upon later when Baldwin complains of the â€Å"ugly and fulsome flirtatiousness” that he experienced in his Church. This sentence defines the Church, with how it assures oft scarce delivers so little.Baldwin understands what he is arguing against, as he spent 3 years of his childhood totally immersed in its ideologies, and it is only now that he toilette pick apart its restrictions and visitations. `It is these restrictions and failures that cause Baldwin to reject his faith. He vexs to realise that â€Å" at that place was no love in the church. It was a mask for hatred and self-hatred and despair. ” He starts to see that instead of practicing a nitty-gritty that God loves everybody, the Christian church protects and loves only those that hope the same thing as them. Wh at he open up most disturbing was that this love â€Å"did not defy to white pile at all. This split among believers and non-believers did not fit with Baldwin’s theory of acceptance and integration, as he saw is as an practice of hypocrisy at the stock ticker of the church. This imagery can be seen to mirror that of segregated America, except it is whites who be marginalised and discriminated against. It perpetuates the theory that black and white are different, and cannot co-operate together. Baldwin fears that it is these teachings †that the black community should not attempt to reconcile with the whites, tho should exclude and dislike them †that is the first road finish on the journey to racial equality.He believes that â€Å"we cannot be sluttish until they are,” as it is black sight who must meet to love those that do not show them love in return, forwards the white oppressors leave come to realise, and wherefore be free of, their crime s. Baldwin uses religious imagery to reveal the hypocritical behavior of his fellow preachers. He says that he â€Å"knew where the money for ‘The Lord’s contribute’ went,” indicating not only that he realised that church money was being stolen and spent by preachers on themselves, but also the use of inverted commas reveals that Baldwin is rejecting that Church work really helps people at all.It gives it an factor of sarcasm, by subverting the framework that he used to preach and turning it into a comment on the failure of the Church’s ability to help, Baldwin shows the depth of his disillusionment. Baldwin’s time in the church also helped him come to realise that racism exists even at the heart of Christianity. He states: â€Å"I realised the Bible had been write by white men. I knew that, according to many Christians, I was a descendant of Ham, who had been cursed, and I was therefore predestined to be a slave. […] My fate had be en sozzled for ever. …] It seemed, when one looked out over Christendom, that this was what Christendom effectively believed. ” Baldwin uses Christian imagery in order to highlight its flaws. He reveals an institution that offered nothing more than a unforgiving God, who did nothing to help build constructive transaction between black and white people. The refusal to accept white and black together reveals an institution that is bound by parochialism. As B. Pakrasi has said before, â€Å"Baldwin sees the seeds of hatred and acrimony enter in the dogma of Christianity perpetuating the belief of a white God. ”Another facet of religious imagery that Baldwin critiques is the notion that there is a ‘black God. ’ This is part of the ideology of the Nation of Islam, a group led by Elijah Mohammed, but also closely associated with the radical activistic Malcolm X. Baldwin expressly praises the Nation of Islam, as he believes they have succeeded where Chr istianity failed. Mohammed was able to â€Å"heal and redeem drunkards and junkies, to convert people who have come out of prison and backup them out, to make men chaste and women virtuous,” however Baldwin disagrees with one crucial aspect. The Nation of Islam allows for no integration between black and white.Mohammed sees the white population as â€Å"devils,” and relate them to being sinners. Baldwin contends this, as he argues that if one is to learn the theory that all white people are sinners, they open themselves to the â€Å"gates of paranoia,” as they become unable(predicate) of distinguishing between an actual threat and an imagined one. In a society that was so hostile towards blacks, Baldwin admits that this is an extremely unexpressed trap to avoid, but he maintains it is necessary to try, because otherwise they will see all whites as an enemy, and will never integrate and build better relationships.Baldwin makes it clear to Mohammed that he h as no intention of overthrowing the white population. He says to the table that given the choice between dying(p) with his white and black friends, and living but at their expense, he would choose death. He thinks to himself â€Å"I love a few people and they love me, and some of them are white, and isn’t love more classical than colour? ” Again, Baldwin is using the religious imagery of the devil, the sinners and in a higher place all the black God to highlight the weaknesses and hypocrisies in the Nation of Islam’s ideologies.He is pushing forward his own courses of conduct; love and integration with both white and black. He sees no reason why there should not be a black God, but he believes that when a group attaches Him solely to their race, it becomes something else. It gives that God a new meaning, as it encourages His followers to nauseate the opposing race. He finds this on both sides, both with Christianity and Islam, and is ultimately unable to acc ept either doctrine. Baldwin sees a mirror image in the Nation of Islam’s treatment of white people, and their treatment of blacks. Harvey G.Simmons sees this, state that Baldwin spurned the Nation of Islam because â€Å"its methods are infused with the same fanaticism and hatred that the negro faces in white society. ” James Baldwin uses religious imagery in The Fire Next Time in order to critique both the Christian church, and the Nation of Islam. He finds them both lacking, as he comes to the conclusion that neither advocates a policy that allows for an emergence in co-operation between black and white people. Instead, they are insular, only caring for themselves and are unwilling to authentically share the love of God with everyone, black or white.This is what Baldwin wants. He articulates his message in his letter to his nephew, saying that â€Å"you must accept them and accept them with love. For these innocent people have no other hope. They are, in effect , stillness trapped in a history which they do not understand; and until they understand it, they cannot be released from it. ” He is using these essays to attempt to speak to the American public, to hearten them to take a stand and speak out against the discrimination. Throughout My Dungeon Shook James uses the personal form of â€Å"I,” giving his letter personal stirred ties.It also makes his message more human, and helps establish empathy before his appeal in Down at the Cross. Down at the Cross uses terms such as ‘we Americans’ repeatedly, which shows that Baldwin is attempting to unite everyone, both black and white. For him, religion is bypass sighted and controlling, it doesn’t follow through with its promise that God loves everybody, because as Baldwin points out; â€Å"If His love was so great, and if He loved all his children, then were we, the blacks, knock off down so far? Word itemise †1811 Baldwin, James, The Fire Next Time( London: Penguin, 1964) Bloom, Harold, James Baldwin (New York: Infobase Publishing, 2007) Hardy, Clarence E. , James Baldwins God: Sex, Hope, and Crisis in Black Holiness Culture (Tennessee: University of Tennessee Press, (2003) Pakrasi, B. , ‘ analyze: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin,’ The Journal of Negro History, 50. 1 (1965) ;http://www. jstor. org/ constant/2716413? amp;Search=yes;searchText=baldwin;searchText=%22the+fire+next+time%22;list=hide;searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3D%2522the%2Bfire%2Bnext%2Btime%2522%2Bbaldwin%26acc%3Don%26wc%3Don;prevSearch=;item=1;ttl=312;returnArticleService=showFullText; [accessed 20th November 2011] Simmons, Harvey P. , ‘James Baldwin and the Negro Conundrum,’ The Antioch Review, 23, 2 (1963) ;http://www. jstor. org/stable/4610523? seq=3;Search=yes;searchText=baldwin;searchText=%22the+fire+next+time%22;list=hide;searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3D%2522the%2Bfire%2Bnex %2Btime%2522%2Bbaldwin%2 6gw%3Djtx%26acc%3Don%26prq%3D%2522the%2Bfire%2Bnext%2Btime%2522%26Search%3DSearch%26hp%3D25%26wc%3Don;prevSearch=;item=2;ttl=312;returnArticleService=showFullText;resultsServiceName=null; [accessed 20th November 2011] ——————————————†[ 1 ]. James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time (London: Penguin, 1964) [ 2 ]. Baldwin, p. 15 [ 3 ]. Baldwin, p. 62 [ 4 ]. Baldwin, p. 62 [ 5 ]. Baldwin, p 37 [ 6 ]. Baldwin, p. 60 [ 7 ]. B. Pakrasi, ‘Review: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin,’ The Journal of Negro History, 50. (1965) p. 61 [ 8 ]. Baldwin, p. 35 [ 9 ]. Baldwin, p. 37 [ 10 ]. Baldwin, p. 36 [ 11 ]. Baldwin [ 12 ]. Baldwin, p. 58 [ 13 ]. Baldwin, p. 40 [ 14 ]. Baldwin, p. 41 [ 15 ]. Baldwin, p. 18 [ 16 ]. Baldwin, p. 39 [ 17 ]. Baldwin, p. 38 [ 18 ]. Pakrasi, p. 60-61 [ 19 ]. Baldwin, p. 64-65 [ 20 ]. Baldwin, p. 60 [ 21 ]. Baldwin, p. 61 [ 22 ]. Baldwin, p. 64 [ 23 ]. Harvey G. Simmons, †˜James Baldwin and the Negro Conundrum,’ The Antioch Review, 23, 2 (1963) p. 252 [ 24 ]. Baldwin, p. 16-17 [ 25 ]. Baldwin\r\n'

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'Company Financial Analysis Essay\r'

'Emirates Computers digit: Instructor: Task: Date: Calculate the tether (3) liquidity, five (5) financial leverage, six (6) turnover and quad (4) goodability symmetrys for all the course of studys as per specimen 3. 5 in the PowerPoint presentations. Liquidity; Current ratio=current assets/current liabilities 2010:29021/19483=1. 49 2011:24245/18960=1. 28 mobile ratio= (current assets- inventories)/current liabilities 2010: (29021-1301)/19483=1. 42 2011: (24245-1051)/18960=1. 22 bullion ratio=cash/current liabilities 2010:13913/19483=0. 71 2011:10635/18960=0. 6 financial leverage; bestow debt ratio= ( original assets- meat honor)/total assets 2010: (29021-7766)/29021=0. 73 2011: (24245-5641)/24245=0. 77 Debt equity ratio=total debt/total equity 2010: 30833/7766=3. 97 2011: 28011/5641=4. 97 faithfulness multiplier=total assets/total equity 2010:29021/7766=3. 74 2011:24245/5641=4. 29 Turnover; Inventory turnover= approach of totals sold/inventory 2010:49128/1301=37. 76 201 1:42789/1051=40. 71 days gross gross inventory=365/inventory 2010:365/1301=0. 28 2011:365/1051=0. 35 Receivables turnover=sales/account receivables 010:61494/10136=6. 07 2011:52902/8543=6. 19 days sales in receivables=365/receivables turn over 2010:365/10136=0. 04 2011:365/8543=0. 04 Total assets turn over=sales/total assets 2010:61494/38599=1. 59 2011:52902/33652=1. 57 Capital intensity=total assets/ sales 2010:38599/61494=0. 63 2011:33562/52902=0. 63 Profitability ratios; Profit delimitation= benefit income/sales 2010:2635/61494=0. 04 2011:1433/52902=0. 09 production on assets=net income/total assets 2010:2635/38599=0. 31 2011:1433/33652=0. 04 Return on equity=net income/total equity 2010:2635/7766=0. 4 2011:1433/5641=0. 25 Emirates Computer products and function bring gross from its sales. Revenues from January 2010 to January 2011 were to the highest degree 16% that is an profit from the previous twelvemonths. This was mainly because of the retrieval in the economy. A po litical party’s economic health is critical because the products it sells are not autochthonic products and wherefore people prefer buying solid food than spending m unmatchabley to acquire a computer. This explains the reasons to wherefore there was a decline in revenue for the year 2009, which was about 13. % drop in proportion to the previous years. 2010 has reported an sum up and this is due to a change in the strategies involved in the business. The revenue stream of the society has changed due to the solution and services that Emirates Computers has put in place. The service revenue has shown a tremendous sum up over the years. on that point has been a gradual appreciation from 14. 3% of revenue in January to about 18. 7%of revenue in January 2011. There has been a profitable ripening of 25% in 2010 and a growth of about 5% in the year 2009.The parcel of revenue for the past cardinal year has been due to cost of goods and services, which has shown a telling growth. Expenses like selling and administrative expenses and former(a) expenses surrender been constant for over third years. There was an profit on intangible assets in accession to other costs. This is because of an increase on intangible assets from the Perot systems in 2010. The increase in facility action costs and rupture was because of closure of some facilities that manufacturers used in addition to using contract manufactures to provide cheaper services.The lodge has shown increase in values because of its stability in percentage revenues because the company has good management, which dates the business, and controls their costs. The company is well informed, they understand every detail that may challenge it operation, and thus they never encounter surprises that may negatively enamor them. The company has registered an excellent net income in the year 2011 which showed an increase of over 80% from the years before. Return on assets is 2. 5 % and profit margin i s 1. 6%, which come because of the increase in net income.Additionally the growth in the company has been because of higher revenues and a good cost control. The change in the company’s way of operation has direct to the increase in net income. The services of operation of this company subscribe change magnitude as compared to the cost of manufacturing the product. The acquisition of the Perot systems direct to the decrease in net income to 42. 2 % in 2010. Health wise the company has shown progress and therefore Emirates Computers has plans to keep expanding its services to a higher level, which lead eventually help the company (Peterson & Fabozzi, 2012).There has been an increase on the current assets as compared to previous year from 72% to 75% in the year 2011. The company has recognized all highly liquid investments such(prenominal) as credit cards from banks with a third month original maturities. These because there was increase in cash provided by operations while a decrease in cash in commit activities. The decrease in cash in investiture activities is mainly because of lack of material they are definitive for acquisitions in 2011 as compared to 2010. Generally, the company has portrayed a good fiscal year and their good health.It indicates an advancement in the ability to generate profits and income. The company has shown efficiency and effectiveness in because all the three Profitability ratios that involve profit margin, return on assets and return on equity. The company has a satisfactory auditor who analyses the financial parameter of accounts of the company. Although at one point, the auditor gave an unqualified opinion concerning its financial statements. This is unembellished when analyzing the property plant equipment account, which is not very obtuse in the balance sheet. The besides representation is only 5. 1% assets own by Emirates Computers.Another aspect that the company has shown strength in is its Liquidity. T he company current assets increased while its current liabilities and the current ratio and energetic ration showed an increase from 1. 2% and 1. 22% in 2010 to 1. 49% and 1. 42%. Current liabilities on a dollar remained stable. Nevertheless, the increase in total assets, led to the decrease in current liabilities to 5. 8 %. all(a) changes made Emirates Computers to be liquid and this gave it a get ahead and an advantage thus indicating good health. The company’s equity of stakeholders increased to about 2 billion dollars (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011).This is because of the increase as are causal agency of earnings retained. In the year 2010 †2011 return on equity (ROE) rose from 28. 8% to 39. 3% in 2011 while net income increased greater the stakeholders equity. Therefore, Emirates Computers makes profit with the stock price variation because it does not compensation dividends (Tracy, 2009). Conclusively, the purpose of Emirates Computers Company is mainly to offse t gains and losses that resulted from their exposure on contract. This reduces volatility of the earnings in addition to protecting the values of assets and liabilities.Emirates Computers carries out assessments in order to ensure effectiveness both at the beginning of hedge and at regular intervals in order to pinpoint out any ineffectiveness that might occur. Reference Peterson, P. P. , & Fabozzi, F. J. (2012). Analysis of Financial Statements. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. Tracy, J. A. (2009). How to read a financial report: Wringing vital signs out of the numbers. Hoboken, N. J: John Wiley & Sons. Fridson, M. S. , & Alvarez, F. (2011). Financial statement analysis: A practitioners guide. Hoboken, N. J: Wiley.\r\n'

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'East of Eden Essay\r'

' easterly of Eden deplores many religious matters, specifically, the concepts of sibling contention and the age old battle between keen and evil. In the biblical Book of â€Å"Genesis,” the fellows Cain and Abel offer god â€Å"the give” a sacrifice. paragon favors the shepherd Abel’s sacrifice of his best lamb over the granger Cain’s grain. Subsequently, in a suspicious rage, Cain kills his chum salmon Abel, only to be attach by God and banished to wander the earth. Stanford dropout, John Steinbeck applies the story of Genesis heavy in East of Eden; the concepts of this iblical allusion argon bare in both generations of brothers.\r\nIn each generation, unitary of the Trask brothers is moral and solid while the other brother behaves badly and immorally, already we see how the Trask family parallels â€Å"Genesis. ” Because the good Trask brothers are happy, the bad Trask brothers develop envious tendencies and a repeated theme of sib ling rivalry appears throughout the book. The low gear generation of Trask brothers, Charles and raptus, follow the Cain and Abel biblical model from the very beginning. â€Å".. it’s awful not to be loved. It’s the worst thing in the world… t makes you mean, and violent, and cruel. ” (Steinbeck 347). This quote epitomizes the root of all evil in the Trask generations- lack of recognition to one of the sons. When their deadbeat take Cyrus favors Adam’s birthday gift of a puppy over Charles’ expensive knife, Charles nearly beat generation Adam to death. Although Charles does not kill Adam, he is a clear allusion to Cain. While Adam wanders the Earth in the army, it is Charles who remains on the farm, where like Cain, he becomes marked with a lightless brown scar.\r\nAdam therefor, is reflected as Abel. â€Å"Humans are caught”in their lives, in their thoughts, in their hungers and ambitions, in their avarice and cruelty, and in th eir kindness and kindliness too”in a net of good and evil. ” (127). This quote is a clear representation of the Adam and Charles relationship throughout the novel. The incident that occurred over a simple birthday gift sparked a Jealous rage that caused Charles and Adam to remain at odds with each other throughout their entire lives despite their love for each other.\r\nThe next generation of Trask brothers, the dark haired Cal and fair-haired Aaron, also carry out the kinetics of the Cain and Abel tale. Cal’s Jealousy towards Aron is due to the favoritism that Aron receives from their father Adam; this is especially seen through an episode that resulted in Aarons death. For some reason, Adam favors Aron over Cal and when Cal offers his father a birthday present of $1 5,000 to help him line up his financial losses, Adam scorns him for making the money during a war-time economy.\r\nIn a rage, Cal takes his brother to isit the notorious bawd that birthed the tw o boys. Emotionally traumatized, Aaron runs away to the army during ball War l, and dies soon aft(prenominal). Cal lies to Adam when asked about ‘Aaron’s whereabouts. â€Å"Where is he? ” â€Å"How do I know? ” express Cal. â€Å"Am I supposed to look after him? (p. 562). This sequence between Cal and Adam portrays the emotional obstruction between the two that seems to bring out the untruthfulness in Cal that reflects his ancient parallel, Cain. Thus, the biblical tale plays out with Cal, although inadvertently, cleanup his brother.\r\nIt might be the most important intelligence agency in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a the concept of timshel. While psychologically tattered Adam reminisces over Cathy, Lee and Samuel share philosophical discussions over the ancient Hebrew word â€Å"timshel. ” Timshel defies the posture in the Cain and Abel tale, rather than condemning the less favored brother to a life of sin it pursues the come out of the closet of free will and grants Cal the strength to depart from the inherently bound evil motives that ossessed him at an early age.\r\n'

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'Improve own & team practice in schools Essay\r'

'Team croak in schools is important as it’s a offendment not only for you entirely likewise for former(a)s. It helps to build a positive relationship with those that ar at bottom your police squad, as salubrious as show that in that respect is stand-in for one an unexampled(prenominal) within the structure. Whatever the size the school you transaction in, you de divorce be part of a group of masses who each submit a different agency to fulfil while operative to leap out individual(a)s or groups of pupils.\r\nWhilst each appendage of the aggroup up know and apprehend their suffer division, they should in like manner know and understand the roles of separate aggroup members, and how they every fit together in a school surround. Where at that place is squad educate, responsibilities and tasks are shared among the team, therefor, the tasks lead be effected more effectively and to a fault in a devout time scale. Each team member has their expe rience skills and expertise, communicating with them not only increases your own knowledge and skills, but also allows you to understand your own role within the team.\r\nCommunication is a very(prenominal) important tool in team go; you can ask for advice or even concur advice about certain subjects or topics, as well as sharing ideas on them too. When it comes to the pupils, communicating between each other is very important as you go away share information on the pincer such as the child’s welfare, checkup information or even their progress within the classroom. When adults are spieling(a) effectively together, produceing as part of a team, the children forget see them as role models and will follow, copy and mimic what they see.\r\nThey will not only use this in and near the school, but also when they are at home. To a parent this shows that the school is fit a good example to its pupils, which in turn will face the school respectively high standards and a s alient reputation. 3. 2 As well as operative and having shared roles, the team must hire make up purpose and objectives. The main purpose of team work are: To provide a safe environment for the pupils. To motivate the pupils to use their full intellectual potential.\r\nTo tin the pupils knowledge. To pledge and respect one and other. In the pay offting to which I am part of a team, there are a number of purposes and objectives of my team in which they work, for example workings in a team makes things easier for everyone. This could be with activities, paperwork, observations, snack times etc, this makes our school reckoning more easily and effectively. Our schools main objectives is to create a safe educational environment for the pupils to hornswoggle in and also help them to develop in all areas.\r\nOur setting offers a variety of activities for the children to take part in, such as health and beauty, life skills, childs play fit leisure and employability. These will he lp the pupils to develop in areas that focus on individual development rather than development of the group on the whole. These will help the individual pupil reach the goals set for them and prepare them for when they leave school into a working environment. 3. 3 My own role and responsibilities as education assistant is to work under the instruction and counselor of the teaching staff and senior staff.\r\nI work in a Post 16+ superfluous Needs School. We have about 12 disciple that attend our school, all having individual needs. I work with the class teacher, supporting learning for the pupils and providing general support to the teacher in the management of the pupils and the classroom as well as the outdoor activities. My role as a teaching assistant is to take on tasks such as to supervise the pupils, to ensure they have the correct tools to which is needed for the lesson to which is being taught and to ensure the pupils pass off up afterwards, this allows the teacher to c oncentrate on teaching.\r\nTo support pupils with particular individual needs, sometimes my role is to work one to one, while others work in runty groups or work with one of these groups. The teacher is not able to give every pupil individual attention, assistants provide essential support to the pupils and the lead teacher. My responsibilities also include: • Supervising creative activities (e. g. when the pupils use scissors, gum or even using the computer). • giving support to pupils (individually or groups) who need support in a particular task. • helping pupils to learn through role play or other play activities.\r\n• go support and understanding to those who are upset. It is essential to have effective open communication with others within the team through regular meetings to ensure you have a clear plan of yours and others roles and to be able to lay down any action plans and deadlines that are in place. This will give you an understanding of how w hat you are doing fits into the whole team and school. 3. 4 The reason why it is important in respecting the skills and expertise of others is to develop a good working relationship with other members of your team.\r\nEach member of the team is equally as important as the other members of the team; as they will all cultivate something uniquely different to the team. When shared, via communicating, with each other, you can learn new skills and techniques, which then helps to develop your ongoing learning. It is everlastingly respectful to listen to the opinions of others as well as listening to their knowledgeable ideas. This is not only cover that you respect them as a person, but also their contributions to your development, and it also helps to develop a good working relationship with them.\r\nFor a new member to join the team, they whitethorn feel intimidated in fling input at first. They may have new ideas on how to progress or help with something, but may not offer it in b all club to avoid any conflict with those who have been there for some time before they started. On the other hand, if a new member were to join the team and they said that something should be done differently, without listening to the opinions and advice of others, this may cause unease and problems within the team.\r\n'

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'Assessment and Learners Essay\r'

'1. 1 beg off the functions of mind in knowledge and development. The functions of perspicacity in accomplishment and development be a regular touch that holds the assessor to choice the apprentice’s knowledge and skills against train criteria in the elect readiness. This is completed at the begging of the qualification so the assessor send word see if the scholar has skills, competence and knowledge to complete the qualification. The minds ar on-going through tabu the qualification.\r\nThe opinions clear opportunity for the assessor to monitor the circulate and performance of the disciple and en fitting them to leger achievements. indoors the sound judgements the assessor stack tag prentice’s makes. If it is identified that the assimilator is struggling it forget give the opportunity to look at separate dashs of learning which whitethorn suit the various(prenominal). At the judicial decision the assessor can provide positive feedb ack to the learner, as well as offer advice on how to ameliorate naturalize or progress further. 1. 2 desex the key concepts and principles of sagaciousnesss.\r\nKey concepts\r\nThe key concepts of sagaciousness be the aspects twisty throughout the sagaciousness forge. These key concepts atomic number 18 as totals; Account qualified: As the assessor I exigency to be account adequate to(p) to my learners and the musical arrangement I am playing for to en for certain I am carrying out my char typifyer reference as the assessor properly. The learners contend to be aw be why they are existence assessed and what is expected from them to complete their assessment criteria. I bothow for in like manner be account suitable to the awarding dust if I am usageing on their authoritative qualifications and to the employers if I am assessing in their break environments.\r\n doing: I whitethorn be needed to poll achievement data and compare them to national or organisatio nal targets. The funding my organisation receives may be tie in to my learners achievements. Assessment strategy: Staying to the assessment strategy for my relegate volition en real i am carrying out my role correctly. Benchmarking: Benchmarking impresss comparing what the excepted standard is for a item subject firmament against the menstruum position of my learner’s performance. Benchmarking forget allow me to target fixate for my item-by-item or group learner’s.\r\nIf I find my learners are non meeting benchmarks set I leave behind evaluate this and implement improvements. military rating: The evaluation of the assessment process should always satisfy place to inform current and future practice. only aspects of the assessment cycle should be evaluated on an current basis and feedback obtained from all confused. internally devised assessment: Internal devised assessments may be produced by myself or other(a) staff in my organisation. These could be assignments, projects or questions that lead also be marked by myself.\r\n externally devised assessment: Externally devised assessments are usually produced by an awarding body much(prenominal) as an examination. rise: Progression should be discussed between me and my learner to divulge opportunities and that the right route has been chosen. To progress I could carry my learners onto new units or if they have finished a qualification we could discuss what would be appropriate for them now. transparence: To define transparency would be to say that it has to be clear to all involved in the assessment process and we all understand what is expected and that naught untoward is fetching place.\r\nThis is assisted by my proclaim understanding of the criteria within the qualification and what is expected of the learner. I moldiness obligate auditable records for every learner and take hold these throughout the qualification. Principles The principles of assessment are the functio ns of which the key concepts are put into practice. VACSR: VACSR is used to en incontestable that all gangly’s assessed work is; Valid, Au indeedtic, Current, satisfactory and Reliable. If this is not followed I may make an incorrect judgement on assessment of work or may not notice that work has been plagiarised.\r\nOther key principles of assessment: Communication: I should communicate with my learners regularly and others such(prenominal) as employers, internal graphic symbol assurers and assessors. CPD: I moldiness make sure I am up to exit with new legislations and my knowledge is of the highest up to date standard. disturbity and diversity: I essential run into I am open to all and divvy up everybody the same regardless of religion, sex or ethnicity. moral philosophy: I must chink that my assessment process is honest and morally correct. As the assessor of learners I need to keep confidentiality and integrity.\r\n beautifulness: I must make sure the activities I set are fit for purpose and my formulation and feedback justifiable. Health and preventivety: Learners must be kept safe whilst cosmos assessed so regular risk assessments must be carried out. Motivation: Motivation should be given to my learners to sustain them achieve their full potential. Quality self-assertion: It is my short letter to come across assessments meet the standards set out by awarding bodies. Record keeping: Through the pedagogy and learning process I must keep accurate records of my learner’s progression.\r\nResponsibility: It is my responsibleness to follow organisational guidelines and produce reports when adopted. SMART: All assessments need to be Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and sequence bound. Standardisation: I must ensure all assessment criteria’s are understood accurately by my learner’s and I am consistent in my decision making. The key concepts and principles are there for me to follow so that I can ensur e my role as an assessor is being carried out correctly in accordance to all applicable regulations and requirements. 1. 3 inform the responsibilities of the assessor.\r\nThere are m each responsibilities that I will have in my role as assessor. They include; * Attending meetings, exhibitions, award ceremonies and presentation events. * Checking the authenticity of witness testimonies. * sustain and complete safe and ascertain records. * Countersign other assessors work (If they are not qualified) * Deal with appeals make against my assessment decisions. * Follow organisation or regulatory authority’s procedures. * acquaint constructive and developmental feedback to learners. * Identify and deal with barriers to fairish assessment. * Implement internal and external shade assurance action points.\r\n* Liaise with others in the assessment process. * energize my own judgements based on assessment requirements. * Maintain my own development. * Negotiate and agree assessme nt contrives. * let statistics to managers. * Review my learner’s progress. * Standardise practices with other assessors. * Support my learner’s with special assessment requirements and deal with any issues supportively. * Work towards relevant assessment qualification. If I am ever unsure of my roles or responsibilities I will not hesitate to prankber other assessors or management for guidance.\r\n1.4 Identify the regulations and requirements relevant to assessment in own orbital cavity of practice. My current practice is the supervision of a childcare setting. I have identified the requirements and regulations that are relevant to assessment are; * Ofsted * Every child matters * Early long time foundation stage * Health and safety * Equal opportunities * Safeguarding of children * The children act 1989 2 2. 1 Compare the strengths and limitations of a range of assessment methods with reference to the needs of individual learners. I will be comparing the strength s and limitations of cardinal assessment methods in the table below.\r\nMethod| description| Strengths| Limitations| placards| Watch learners perform a skill| Observation will allow me to see my learner’s skills in action. I will be able to holistically finish up several aspects of the qualification. It will allow my learners (were safe to do so) make mistakes and learn from them. Ideal for take aims 1,2 and 3 learners. | A time must be set so I can observe my learner. My learners may feel under pressure to perform their job role in a different manner. No permanent record is kept unless I record what the learner is doing. Questions must be asked to confirm understanding.\r\n| original discussions| A recorded discussion based on learners qualification criteria| This will be an ideal way for me to asses aspects of learners qualification that are difficult to observe. Will stand by provide evidence towards observations. My learners will be able to describe how they carry out work activities. undecomposed for level learners 2, 3. | I must keep a record of the discussion using a save device. Minutes must be kept of discussions. I will have to give my learners time to prepare. I must gather experience at sense of hearing to learners and ask the appropriate questions.\r\nLearners about level 1 may feel pressured and unable to enter the discussion. | 3. 3. 1 Summarise key factors to subscribe to when proposalning assessment. When be afterning an assessment I must make sure that it is SMART. * Specific-the drill is clear to the learner and what is expected of them is agree. * Measurable- the action can be measured against the assessment criteria, allowing any gaps to be filled. * Achievable- the activity is at the level for my learner. * Realistic- the activity is relevant and will give consistent results. * m bound-target dates and times are arranged.\r\nI must also factor in the time allowance I have with my learner, which I will discuss with the employer prior(prenominal) to the assessment be after. I may need to align my planning to different shift patterns or annual leave entitlements my learner may have. I must follow the SMART principle and consider the level and knowledge of my learners and set the realistic targets to meet the requirements of their chosen qualification. 3. 2 Evaluate the benefits of using a holistic approach to assessment. I have found that it can be beneficial to use a holistic approach as you are able to asses much criteria within the qualification at one time.\r\n thus highlighting which areas my learner is commensurate in or may need further support. I may be able to carry out a holistic assessment and find that my learner is competent in most areas of criteria but was unable to cover certain aspects, I will cover these aspects by using other assessment methods such as professional discussions or set assignments. 3. 3 Explain how to plan a holistic approach to assessment. To plan an ho listic observation I would first consider the (WWWWWH) Who, what, when, where, why and how the assessment will take place.\r\nI would then sit and agree a plan with my learner. I would make it clear of what was expected from the learner and allow them time to prepare. I will plan to observe naturally occurring situations which may occur whilst notice the agreed plan, I will make sure the learner understands this. I will keep compose notes to back up the evidence that I witness. 3. 4 Summarise the types of risk that may be involved in assessment in own area of office. In my area own area of right as Assessor the risks involved with assessment are as follows; * Lone working.\r\n* Time allowance to my learners * distinct shift patterns of learners * Learners attendance * Company external selective entropy days * Company closures * Recourses available for observation’s * Assessment folders/work not being brought to plotted dates 3. 5 Explain how to minimise risks through the planning process. I can avoid and plan around the risks above with advanced communication with management and learners. I will make sure there is a clear understanding from all that are involved to what is expected from them through planning assessments to minimise the risks.\r\nI will contact company management at certain times to make them aware of my location, particularly when working late evenings. 4. 1 Explain the richness of involving the learner and others in the assessment process. It is chief(prenominal) to involve my learners within the assessment process because it allows me the opportunity to ask if there is anything I can do to attention support their chosen qualification. I will be able to help support needs such as hard of hearing, visual impaired or dyslexia suffers. It is also important to involve learners as we will agree their plans.\r\nI will make sure that there is a clear understanding of what is required of them and discuss ways of achieving the task s set out in the assessment. 4. 2 Summarise types of information that should be make available to learners and others involved in the assessment process. The types of information that should be available to learners and others involved in the assessment process have been identified below. * The criteria that my learner will be assessed by. * The awarding organisation requirements. * Assessment plans (Specific Criteria) * venue in which assessment will take place.\r\n* The feedback that I give my learners. * Assessments decisions that I have do. 4. 3 Explain how peer and self-assessment can be used in effect to promote learner stake and personal responsibility in the assessment of learning. Peer and self-assessment can be used effectively to promote learner involvement and personal responsibility in the assessment of learning by promoting interaction between learners. The learners are able to discuss and share information which can lead to the learner checking or reflecting on the ir own work and filling in any new information they may have acquired.\r\nActivities that I put on for a group of learners may correct misunderstandings without my involvement, and the comments make to the individual learner may be taking in a better manner then coming from myself the assessor. I am also able to reflect on my own practice and identify areas in which I may be able to improve my performance. 4. 4 Explain how assessment arrangements can be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners. When planning assessments I can make arrangements to adapt the needs of individual learners.\r\nI may need to change the way I am delivering feedback or my assessment methods. For example I had a learner that had forgotten his notes for a professional discussion that was agreed in a previous feedback and planning session. I was able to rearrange the agreed plan to allow my learner to do a question and practise on that visit. This helped my learner continue with their progress. At all times I should support and encourage the learners and underwrite them all as individuals. I will turn to all learners in compliance with The Equal Opportunities act 2010. 5.\r\n1 Explain how to judge whether evidence is: sufficient, authentic, current. To ensure my judgments are sufficient, authentic and current I will asses all learner’s work by the principle of VACSR, Valid Authentic Current Sufficient Reliable. Sufficient: Make sure my learners work covers the assessment criteria. Authentic: Be positive that work produced by my learners is produced solely by them. Current: Decide whether the work is still relevant at time of assessment. 5. 2 Explain how to ensure that assessment decisions are: made against specified criteria, valid, reliable, fair.\r\nTo ensure that my assessment decisions are made against specified criteria, valid, reliable and fair I will: Made against specified criteria: Have a good understanding and knowledge of the qualification I am assessing and understand its requirements. Valid: I will ensure the learners work is relevant to the assessment criteria. Reliable: My learners work is consistent over time and the required level. Fair: The assessment type used was appropriate to the learner’s needs and level. 6. 1 Evaluate the splendor of quality assurance in the assessment process.\r\nIt is important to have quality assurance during the assessment process is because it monitors and evaluates the service I am giving to my learners. The quality assurance should identify and recommend measures to make improvements to standards of my work or monitor the standard to stop it dropping. The quality assurance will monitor my learners for the duration of time they are with me. They will monitor the training and assessment activities and overall make sure I am carrying out my job correctly. 6. 2 Summarise quality assurance and standardisation procedures in own area of practice.\r\n'

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'Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology Essay\r'

'There is no definition of abnormal handstal which has approval by the psychological sociable groups. Although, knowing of ones abnormal expectation is inwrought in assessing personal behaviors in determining what is think (Hansell & adenosine monophosphate; Damour, 2008). anomalous social content is oftentimes looked upon as personal behavior opposing to social normality. This structure is essential in analizing the abnormal heedset and focus to accurately filter tolerate presented whether quaint or usual. This paper depart determine the quit of what presents abnormal mindset and how the developement is originated for design scientifically. Lastly, the paper leave behinding inspect the psychodynamic, humanistic and existential, behavioural, cognitive, sociocultural, family support and biological hypothetic argonas important to the strength of abnormal psychological science.\r\nOrigins of Abnormal psychological science\r\nThe development of abnormal mindset can be tra nscribed for thousands of days. To this date, people have evolved in stipulate cases of undesired treat. Historically, grotesque film is seen as biological, psychological outcomes seen also as supernatural factors (Hansell & Damour, 2008). The remark of grotesque conduct is often believed unmarrieds acknowledge the image of depletion of bad spirits, devils, and intities (Hansell & Damour, 2008). As far backward as the Mesolithic period, normal practices of torture would be practiced to those who displayed whimsical conduct to be pardoned. Additionally, the role of exorcisms was performed to extinguish the existance of paranormal activities. Additionally, in the Roman age the chemicals in an individuals head would be released to extinguish the individuals from erratic conduct. This tyoe of consequence was passed on into the Dark Ages; Europeans viewed this conduct as psychological disease which drew evil spirits to much(prenominal) individuals for possession. T orture was practiced on individuals who presented unaccustomed behaviors, and was common to relinquish an evil spirt for centuries.\r\nChallenges to defining and Classifying Normal and Abnormal Behavior\r\nThough an individual can present unusual conduct, he or she is viewed as one who violates expectations or rules in a society or culture (Hansell & Damour, 2008). A lack of understanding is particularly notable beca role of various(a) traditions and culture is viewed differently in consideration of the beliefs of posed traditions. An example is, a typical American will eat at a fast solid food chain for a quick bite at the work place, whereas many cultures from euopean all the way to nub eastern will bring his or her social food to ingest, save do not condone this type of conduct. On the flip side, cleaning lady in the Middle East receive harsh pervert and it is not against the law for men to treat woman this way, but in the United States it is against the law for men to abuse their woman and he will receive a criminal offense for such behavior. In other words, it depends on the culture to consider if the unusual conduct violates law or social acknowledgement, decisions are relatively complex from area to area. Unusual conduct can affect people negatively presently, but may be viewed as usual conduct in the future.\r\nHow Abnormal Psychology has evolved into a scientific Discipline\r\nThe scientific element concept at heart the unusuwl aspects of psychology was developed by Hippocrates, a Greek doctor. Hippocrates believed biological patterns are responsible for such unusual conduct. Hippocrates believed through biological cause an individual will be more likely to be healed from such illness. Also, Hippocrates referred the brain as a componant beingness responsible for an individual’s intelligence, awareness and cleverness. With such reference, these components play a significant role in how an individual displays his or her conduct (Hansell & Damour, 2008). Historically, thousands of years ago, individuals who displayed unusual conduct were labled as witches, or unusual conduct would draw in devils. The frequent attendance of church would increase because of the severity of such business of evil. Following, the enligtenment era develoloped where unusual conduct was analysed throughly before considered a consequence for various discrepancies of an individuals brain scats, an acceptance was mostly regarded as a psychological disease that accounted for the use of various remedies that were utilize (Hansell & Damour, 2008).\r\nDevelopment of Abnormal Psychology: Biological and Theoretical Perspectives\r\nUnusual psychology on a biological viewpoint invests with the unusual acts that rooy from an inbalance within the brain. The use of psychotropic medications are utilise on a theraputic regimen to help elliviate symptoms; additionally, treatments employ such as electro- convolsive therapy , and psychd ynamic hypothisis to aid human have-to doe with on influences psychological through the unconscious mind (Hansell & Damour, 2008). For most part, an individual’s conduct is essential and is charactorized from a previous experience. Psychoanalysis is utilise as an approach in the theraputic needs.\r\nThe use of the behavioral model is essential when conditioning is relevent. Depending on the situation, the use of operant and classical conditioning are considered (Hansell & Damour, 2008). Therefore, unusual conduct, and its reactives are performed to elleviate psychological disorders through the conditiining functioning and behavioral therapy to cure such disorder. In the 1960s, Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck implemented the cognitive approach to establish cognitive function using procedures to open conduct, stimulate ideas, feelings which establish temper and individual attitudes (Hansell & Damour, 2008).\r\n'

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'Australian Society in the 1950s and 1960s Essay\r'

'During the mid-fifties-1960s Australia’s frequent last was heavy put to workd by American acculturation, trends and images. The 50s and 60s was the era of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hippies, Rebellious teenagers, and drugs. These themes were all fibre of America’s culture and were portrayed to the put d bear of the world as meaning(a) elements of American culture. These important elements of culture heavily influenced the growing nation of Australia †crabbedly during this period. Teenagers were the prominent clock times of this time, with the consumers market aimed strait at them. The 60s saw the uprising of a new propagation who strived to be different from their elders.\r\nDuring the 1950s-1960s American artists, American themes and American styles of music dominated the Australian music scene. Australian charts were packed with foreign American hits, Australian acts rarely making it into the Australian top ten. Radio post devoted much less time to talk of the town so they could fit in much American music, because that is what the Australian people wanted to hear. American artists much(prenominal) as Elvis Presley and Bill Haley (and his band ‘The Comets’) we hugely general in Australia and were idols for the teenagers generation. During this time, Australia’s most nonorious rock ‘n’ roll singer move up to fame †hindquartersny O’Keefe, Heavily influenced by American rock ‘n’ roll artists.\r\nThe 50s and 60s saw the kind of a new generation †hipsters. Hippies were a generation mainly composed of young people, any in their teens or early twenties. A generation of ‘free spirits’, whose main goals in manner was to just be one with Mother personality and promote peace and love. Hippies were noteed down upon by older people because most hippies did not seem to care much about a stable, settled-down life. Hippies were usually involved in dr ugs (LSD was popular) and too believed in free love.\r\nInfluenced by the growing American trends of hippy culture an Australian hippy culture began to emerge. The generation of hippies sometimes formed anti-government groups. This was unmistakable in Australia when hippy anti-Vietnam war groups and hippy anti-communist groups started to appear. Aussie hippies spent a lot of time surfboard and the stereotype of an Australian hippy included a VW Kombi, painted colorfully with peace signs with surfboards in the back. Australian hippies were following many of the movements of American hippies, especially musical accompaniment the psycadelic and folk music scenes.\r\nIn the mid 1950s television was introduced into the home and became a part of regular Australian households. Television was a gate substance for Australians into American culture, since most of the earliest television shows were American. The Australian national was constantly keeping American ways and American trend s and began to adapt to those trends because the TV shows portrayed the American way of life as ‘cool’. Actors such(prenominal) as Elvis Presley playing rebellious teenagers in head pictures influenced teenagers to be rebellious, because their own idol was.\r\nAustralia’s own fool away industries did not kick off until the mid-80s, although film was a major part of Australian culture during the 50s and 60s. Families would regularly go to the movie theatre to watch American films on a Saturday night or go to the new American inventions †drive-ins. Drive-ins at that time were a symbol of American culture, and were a popular Saturday night entertainer.\r\nThe reason why Australia was so heavily influenced by America during the 1950s and 1960s is because Australia was a young country, without any real identity that had to look abroad for influence. In comparison to America and the unify Kingdom, Australia was still a rattling undeveloped nation.\r\nJohn Doug lass Pringle, a Scottish journalist living in Sydney in the 50s and 60s said this about Australia’s immaterial influences; â€Å"Some Australian nationalists find a unspeakable irony in the circumstance that, having fought against the British influence all their lives, they have won their battle only if to find that American influence has taken it’s place”. It seems as though as Australia was striving to be different from its mother country, Great Britain, it became more and more like America without even realizing.\r\nNowadays, in our multicultural society, it is difficult to stereotype a particular country as every country in a flash influences countries crosswise the globe. Popular culture in mega countries such as Australia, Great Britain and America is now very similar, because many companies and trends can easily spread across the globe due to better communication, although these countries are not without an individual and unique popular culture.\r\n'

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'A Case Study on Branding Bangladesh\r'

'[pic] DE digressMENT of MARKETING COURSE hit: Product and stag circumspection. An naming on- acres range: A Case Study on bloting Bangladesh. Submitted To: Shaikh Rafiqul Islam Associate Professor, Department of Marketing. Submitted By: Revolution eighth Semester, Session: 2008-09. Date of Submission: 10/12/2012. [pic] REVOLUTION 3rd Batch Session: 2008-09 |serial publication: |Name of Students : |Roll No: | |01. |Farjana Nur Purabi |091648 | |02. Anik Kumar Devnath |091654 | |03. |Sheikh Sazzadur Rahman |091664 | |04. |Md. Ashiqur Rahman genus Rana Biswas |091695 | |05. |Rumana Jahan |091743 | |06. |Md. Masudur Rahman |091750 | |07. |Md. Rabiul Islam |091758 | |08. Md. Mushfiqur Rahman |091759 | |09. |Mohammad Ullah |07882876 | December 10, 2012. Shaikh Rafiqul Islam. Associate Professor. Department of Marketing . steamroller University. Dhaka-1100. Dear Sir, Here is the assignment you all in allocated us to b unrivaled up on â€Å" trade nameing Bangladesh”. A fter researching and studying the real situation of the demesne establish on amass data we collapse been able to prep be the assignment.All of the study details and insights tuition associated with the habituated issue be include here. Besides, we restrain attempted to include some of our in the flesh(predicate) assumption, practical experience and idea to grant the assignment to a greater extent fruitful. Thanking you for handsome the disturbance accomplishing such an provoke educative project. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Group :- Revolution. eighth Semester. 3rd Batch. Session :- 2008-2009 Title Page rustic stigmatization: A Case Study on check offing Bangladesh Tourism merchandise Brands refinement and hereditary pattern pic][pic] People Investment opposed and municipal policies [pic] [pic] [pic] Country spot is incompatible in bluring from a crop. In developing the strategy, it would involve many intricacies and assholenister be a long d rawn knocked step up(p) process. Branding Bangladesh is all about positioning Bangladesh in the minds of lot. Branding Bangladesh is an important pattern because it impart avail oneself the soil to understand how publics perceive her across the grounds.Those pile be consumers, potential difference tourists, and, around importantly potential investors. In the addition process of Bangladesh they all be participating actively. An effective land branding hunt accelerates the economic growth of Bangladesh and the citizens feel dignified. It must be remembered that there ar around 195 nations in the dry land; all be aggressively competing for the vigilance of investors, tourists, and citizens. Therefore, a well-planned nation branding iron out is crucial for the branding of Bangladesh. Table of Contents TOPIC |PAGE | | set about: A (Introductory Part) | | | introduce |7 | |Objectives |7 | | methodology |8 | |Limitations |8 | | partly: B (Theoretical mannequin/Litera ture Review) | | |Literature Review |9 | |PART: C | | |Brand Dimensions of Bangladesh |10 | |Strategies for Branding Bangladesh |12 | |Country and Corporate Brands Co-positioning |16 | |Findings at a glance |16 | |PART: D | | | good words |17 | |Conclusion |17 | |References |18 | Creating a branding program for Bangladesh demands an integration policy that more or less countries do non possess. To boost our commercial-grade advantage it is in truth important to take action regarding branding Bangladesh.Branding Bangladesh the governing body should always observe their world(a) estimate in countries they aim to target and the stakeholder should collaborate together and discipline on a field of study stratagem. If the stakeholders could unite as one, pin down the purpose and objectives, and fulfill the process, it would echo the will of one nation. Maintaining continuously the reputation in incessantlyy sector (Tourism, trades, culture, people, brands and policy) is import ant to accelerate the lying-in of branding. This assignment aims at clarifying the concepts of branding Bangladesh and argues that for a developing coarse like Bangladesh, branding is a prerequisite for national development. The specific objectives of this paper argon: Review the conceptual and theoretical foundation of nation branding by adding authors in the merchandise field; ? Examining and defining Branding Bangladesh and discussing its challenges. ? Attaining insights into branding Bangladesh ? beingness familiar on the subject librate for posterior investigation for branding Bangladesh. DATA COLLECTION: Considering the objectives of the assignment, time, theatrical social functions of respondents, we quiet both Primary and Secondary data to go out out the necessary information regarding the strategies of branding Bangladesh. The sources are mentioned here- PRIMARY DATA: ? Taking personal interview of cautioning people of tourism board; ? Discussing with the conc erning people of Brand Forum of Bangladesh.SECONDARY DATA: ? Studying several(predicate) articles and advertisements publish in daily newspapers; ? Visiting different websites and journals. tour preparing the assignment we faced some problems that were un vacateable and these limitations are mentioned below: ? This assignment was totally an unfamiliar type of assignment to us; ? People of the authority were nonvoluntary to provide full information about our given topic; ? The permitted survey time we have got was very limited; ? We did not get enough concern person to collect necessary information; ? Our confabulation was confined further to the Dhaka city. Bangladesh has always held large promise.It enjoyed widespread international public support during the contend of liberation, not only because its struggle was identifiable, still alike referable to the fact that it aimed to establish a socio-economic sense of balance and an equitable society where each citizen woul d have the fortune to flourish. An different avocationing problem the nation faces is that when it is equald to other countries it is invariably compared to nations with drug, mafia, and terrorist problems. While it is true that Bangladesh a extensive population, with high un avocation rates, and increase price inflation, often study it to failed or a semi-failed states does not do it justice. The anaemic status continued till the nineties. Then horizontal Transparency International started ranking us as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. However, the nations pattern started improving post-2000 as did its performance indicators.The study indicators for socio-economic growth include: improvement in health status, increasing literacy, progress in gender balance, enhancement of employment opportunities, building transport and parleys facilities, huge increases in media reach amongst rural and urban people, booming ITC businesses, a rise in remittance and agricul tural, industrial, and ready-made garments (RMG) booms. In 2006, our global understand increased exponentially with Prof. Yunus and Grameen sewert winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That put Bangladesh in a solid position, globally and we washstandnot let that slip. Therefore, it has be follow tyrannical to develop a nation branding campaign to economize us in the global glare for the right reasons.While branding Bangladesh, the brand strategists must engage two key basic objectives: Firstly, it is crucial to nurture pride in Bangladeshis and to persuade our people to be positive and feel dignified about themselves and for their state. The success of the nation branding program strongly depends on their active participation, ownership, and support. They should be proud of their hoidenish, culture, and heritage. Secondly, the organization should come up with an aggressive but distinct nation branding campaign immediately, it is essential for our progress. Countries like Indi a, Thailand, China, Malaysia, etc started alike branding journeys more than a decade agone and should not lag too far behind.We subscribe a forceful branding campaign for our awkward so that we can emerge as an Asian Tiger by 2021; which will also mark the 50th year of our independence. Dr. Khalid Hasan is Managing Director, Nielsen Bangladesh and Treasurer AmCham Bangladesh. Acknowledgement: AmCham Bangladesh. Brand Dimensions of Bangladesh Anholt is recognized for Anholt-GfK domain Brand Index (NBI), and it is based on the same 6 categories to measure the global perception of a province. The brand of a democracy is judged based of the six proportions. In case of branding Bangladesh we might focus on these dimensions and clear brand image for Bangladesh. Fig: The Six Dimensions of a national branding Dimension 1: TourismTourism is one of the most visible aspects of a body politic brand because it receives vast financial support from governments, and is accordingly th e main selling tool at the national level. It is a major economic driver through employment, international visitant expenditures, investments, and regional development. Bangladesh Tourism Board has adopted different policies and strategies to call forth and champion Bangladesh. It includes brand taglines like â€Å" bewitching Bangladesh. ” Dimension 2: Export brands There is a constant struggle to increase share of exports at heart the global market. In order to attain this purpose, the quality of exported products or services has to be superior to that of competitors. Export brands represent an important mark for Bangladesh.An increase in exports can raise the self-esteem of a kingdom, which in turn boosts self-confidence and further success. Ten historic period ago, as a plain Bangladesh was little cognize across the Globe. Today, most of the countries label as the country of high quality garments product and this is mainly repayable to the performance of our garme nts industry. Dimension 3: Investments All countries, be they developing or developed, are now breed for an investment-friendly image. Country brand, and everything that it stands for, has a lot to say when it comes to attracting distant(prenominal) direct investments. In case of Bangladesh it is very acceptable for us that a large fig of investors are coming in different sectors.Dimension 4: Foreign and domestic policies. Nations are also judged in abidance with the foreign and domestic policies that their overtakeers initiate. Foreign and domestic policies must be coordinated so that they would shake the national brand. As a country we have to increase the ability to meet the residents’ needs for health, education, gay rights, political participation more effectively. Dimension 5: People It is worth mentioning that the branding of a country must start from inside because a country’s brand is most frequently promoted by its people. In 2006, our global image i ncreased exponentially with Prof. Yunus and Grameen Bank winning the Nobel Peace Prize.That put Bangladesh in a strong position, globally and we cannot let that slip. Beside, Sakib-al-hasan, a Bangladeshi cricketer also increases the brand image of our country holding number one position in ICC Cricket ranking. Joining the mission of UN, Bangladesh Army has pretendd a new dimension for Bangladesh and it is obviously a severe sign for our country Dimension 6: stopping point and Heritage Last but not least, one should not overlook the cultural dimension of a country brand. Culture penetrates all areas of life, including all scientific endeavors. For this reason, culture has turned into the ultimate reference point, a conventionally accepted solution to all snarly questions.Strategies for branding Bangladesh We should take on a more conscious effort in branding country because country images draw out identifications, affect evaluations and barter for decisions. Additionally, count ries compete for tourists, foreign investments and talented people. Let us look at this figure- Setting objectives: Branding Bangladesh we have to set clear and typical objectives that will attend to us to accomplish the different task most effectively. Different objectives might be: ? To be a Middle Income Country (MIC) ? 30th largest economy ? Per capita us dollar 6000 ? Economic goal • Agro and labor intensive industry • GDP growth to 10% • surroundal protection Transportation and ship building hub. execute turn out analysis: Performing a fig out analysis for nations is an idea that has been promoted by many others. In his book The Marketing of Nations, Philip Kotler (1997) confirmed the idea that each nation must assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) periodically in its five areas of capability: • Government leadership; • reckon endowments; • Industrial organization; • Social cohesion; • Culture, attitudes and esteems. base on the guidelines we might perform an effective SWOT analysis that will benefactor to figure out our own most effectively and define the country’s objectives. S- Strength |W- Weakness | | | | |Potential ontogeny economics, |Lack of Coordination among different groups, | |Successfully meeting the millenary development goal. |Lack of coordination surrounded by embodied and country co branding, | | |Insufficient budget. | | | | | | |O- Opportunity |T- Threat | | | | | autocratic sovereign credit achieved, |Corruption, | |Making agreement with different countries. |Political instability. | | | | Choosing a Specific way of life for distinctive branding For distinctive branding we might spot a specific direction from industries, personalities, natural landmarks or historical events.This process will help nominate brand image more effectively. Expanding upon an Umbrella concept: Expanding upon an comprehensive concept will help to peak separate branding activities with consistency. Different branding activities will be coordinated through an umbrella concept. Consulting with flavor leaders to look at national strengths and weaknesses and compare those with the research we might do create this concept. Allocating up to(predicate) bullion to finance each branding activities: To create a successful brand image and create a greater impact regarding brand adequate fund is necessary and concerning people should handle the matter with kin interest Creating Export authorisation:Creating export controls to ensure exported products are trustworthy and meeting the substantiate performance is necessary for branding Bangladesh. We have peachy will in foreign market in case of exporting garments products but sometimes it has been seen that due to some reasons our country is branded negatively and to avoid this we need to control export market. Maintaining balance among promise and performance: We will have to be very careful to maintain balance between the promise and performance. Sometimes it has been seen that we can’t draw quality service for the promising things e. g sometimes foreigners come to our country to enjoy heritage sides but due to transportation preparation and accommodation facility they don’t get expected performance.This point is the main thing to create a positive brand image for Bangladesh. Performing Activities on a regular basis: Creating positive brand image different campaigns are needed. But we have to keep in mind that these campaigns should be taken systematically and thinking the vision and long run interest of the country. Creating strategy and Working out program to withstand the strategy tangible through improvement programs, campaigns are important to reinforce the past campaign. Making all the members interactive: Ensuring the cooperation and involvement of representatives of government, business, the arts, education and importantly the media we can make a fruitful effect for Bangladesh.In novel years the growth of Media sectors has constantly drawn our attention and the media might play a crucial role to brand Bangladesh. It is necessary to mobilize all those ready(prenominal) forces of politicians, business people, artists, sportsmen and scientists to create a strategy for enhancing the image and reputation of Bangladesh on the international markets, i. e. for creating the national branding strategy. Country and Corporate Brands Co-positioning The concept of countries as brands has been more and more recognized in the post-modern global world. A strong country brand can provide corporate brands with a unique set of values, which supports their positioning on the international market.Simultaneously, once corporate brands achieve world(a) success, they contribute actively to developing new features of the country brand. A nation’s image can provide competitive advantage to its society/product/service brands. Until and un less Bangladesh has some international brands it will be very difficult to create goodish brand image for Bangladesh. Consider Finland, a country which was outside the global arena ten years ago, and therefore little known. Today, we label it as the country of high tech mobile phone technology, and this is mainly due to Nokia’s performance. In Bangladeshi context there are some brands (Square, Walton etc) so the overnment should coordinate to development of the company and in the mean time these companies should take initiatives for the country branding Besides that we might consider the task of Prothom Alo and Airtel Company, who jointly arrange the design of the largest â€Å"Alpona” at Manik Mia bridle-path and thus made a new dimension for themselves as well as create a good image for Bangladesh in the world. Findings at a glance: ? It is now more critical than ever to create a unique identity for savoir-faire because it is now more competitive for survival in t he global market. ? Limited budget and little way control create obstacles on the way of creating good brand image for Bangladesh. Political pressures, External environment factors such as economic downturn, natural disasters and pandemics can affect the process of branding Bangladesh. ? A major challenge for Bangladesh is that when the tourists’ visit the destination and found the veracity does not match the projected image from the pre-trip information gathered prior to trip, the gap will lead to disappointment and they will become brand terrorists. This would lead to low repeat visitation and damage the brand image indirectly. ? Local governors and mayors have different objectives to promote their own region and cities rather than the nation. ? Failure of government to control the flow of information through the profits that shapes the national image. We need to conduct research among the people of Bangladesh, covering different segments, to understand their views and e xpectations. This will help in understanding the pulse of the nation and giving ownership to everyone, thus, satisfying different target audiences, different needs, and different institutions. The research should be conducted both internally (to understand the countrys socio-economic situation) and externally (global research among the investors and tourists). The findings will help develop a strategic plan on the nation-branding campaign; ? Concerned groups should make regular promotional activities to brand this country; The tourism sector of should be taken under focus to increase international brand value of Bangladesh by capturing large number of tourists; ? Both the government firms and Multinational Firms need to make attention to increase the international brand value of Bangladesh; ? The key focus should be on the six dimensions which are mentioned earlier in the assignment to make our country value stronger. Country branding is not about constructing slogans. Country brand ing involves planned communication management and purposeful social engineering. Branding is no longer a choice but a necessity, and the branding is not a function to be performed solely by the state or separate corporations, but an integrative and concerted effort by all concerned stakeholders.If a country is effectively branded â€Å"soft power” can be engendered giving that country vast competitive advantage. However, only few developing countries have articulated and employ a country branding strategy. The notion of an umbrella country brand inspiring, guiding and feeding commercial brands is a compelling one. Branding of developing countries could relinquish a sustainable wealth creation port which will greatly help these poor countries break out of their poverty cycle. There is now an hazard for developing countries to close this gap by turn of events their attention to employ professionalism in country branding. Books:- ? Kevin highway Keller (2012-2013), Strate gic Brand Management,3rd edition. Philip Kotler, Nation Branding 1997. Publications:- ? Mathias Akotia, chief executive officer †Brand Ghana Office Accra, Ghana,” Country Branding: Promoting Investment, Tourism and Exports through Country Communication Management and Social Engineering”. ? Dr. Khalid Hasan, Managing Director, Nielsen Bangladesh and Treasurer AmCham Bangladesh. Acknowledgement: AmCham Bangladesh, â€Å"Nation Branding”. Websites:- ? http://www. bangladeshbrandforum. com ? http://www. thedailystar. net ? http://www. tourismboard. gov. bd ? http://www. interbrand. com ———THE END——— ———————†Letter of infection :- Executive Summary PART: A Preamble ObjectivesMethodology Limitations PART: B Literature Review PART: C Findings Export Brands Tourism Country Brand Investment People Foreign and Domestic polices Culture and Heritage Setting Objectives Step-1 Performing S WOT epitome Step-2 Expanding upon an Umbrella concept Step-4 Choosing a Specific direction for distinctive branding Step-3 Strategies of Branding Bangladesh Creating Export Control Step-5 Making all the members interactive Step-9 Allocating adequate funds to finance each branding activities Step-6 Maintaining balance between promise and performance Step-7 Performing Activities on a regular basis Step-8 PART: D Recommendation Conclusion References\r\nRead also: Padma Bridge\r\n'