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Eating habit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

eat manipulation - Essay ExampleAnother advantage of writing down what you eat is that you can alike monitor your calorie intake. As a mortal wanting to maintain a healthy modus vivendi and stick to a normal weight, I find this very helpful.Based on the content of the fodder journal, it is easy to pinpoint how one can examine his eating patterns as well as stipulate them in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Being aware of others eating habits will will me to recommend which food to avoid and which food to increase intake of.According to recent scientific studies, on that point might be a link between genetics and eating habits but in simply a small number of people. The assertion that there might be this fat genes which makes people obese is not really applicable to everyone. I believe that in the nature and nurture debate, eating habit and lifestyle is still highly parasitic on nurture.A persons eating habit is usually acquired from the parents. nutrition preference specifically is a thing of what parents give their children to eat. Studies show that the taste of moms breast milk is dependent on what she eats. Thus, even in the early years, environmental factors weigh in considerably. As a person grows old, he often acquires the eating habit of his parents.

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Paperless office database - Topic title Coursework

Paperless office database - Topic title - Coursework Example in that location is also need to reach discover to the global market (Digital IEEE Software House Advertisement, 2013).Previously, it was easier due to the geographic region had to cover as compared to currently when there are no boundaries globally, and you want to reach divulge to them.The way to collect information ab discover the advertisement company is to do document review of journals, books, and articles. The graduation is very vital because there are many people out there who have carried out research on the topic, and it is necessary to consider their opinions. Further, there would be an reference with experts in the field to amaze first-hand information on their experiences and trending ways of advertisements (Reeves, 2014). In addition, questionnaires will also be used to reach out to experts who are willing to help but are far thus it is not possible to interview them.There are a visual sense of data chal lenges in advertisement companies. First, there is a agglomerate of incoming data from consumers. These data needs to be analyzed, and patterns drawn from it to make projections. The results are important in making decisions in the company. The company also needs to get real-time retrieval of information concerning their customers. It is a significant challenge with traditional means to achieve this. Thus, a relational database management system is required. handling of varied formats of data is also inevitable (Digital Magazines House Advertisement, 2014). A database system offers a lot of tractability in storing a lot of data with different formats. They can also handle a lot of data at the same time as compared to any traditional means. Databases further encourage governing body of data, segmentation of consumers and proper organization of data in the media industry.The system wishes to achieve a number of milestones. First, is to pull out manual handling of data using files and cabins by digitizing content.

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Disclosure Laws in Real Estate, California Vs. Illinois Essay

Disclosure Laws in Real realm, California Vs. Illinois - Essay causeThe essay Disclosure Laws in Real Estate, California Vs. Illinois discusses the disclosure laws in California and Illinois residential square estate. They are not completely different, but they do have some distinct aspects. Both states strike forms to be filled out. However, the liability completely falls on the shoulders of the seller in California, while in Illinois the liability for the property is not completely the sellers responsibility. This is not altogether uncommon from Illinois residential property law, which also applies to the same amount of dwelling units. Additionally, within the disclosure forms of each state, any defects in the properties must be duly noted. This is confirmed by Galaty et. al. in the book Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois.In law, liability is a serious issue. Liability is basically ones pecuniary and legal responsibility towards an issue - in this case, for the property. Ones financial liability with implys to property includes the particular that the person not only pays their property taxes on time but also pays all of the utilities. Additionally, financial liability with regard to any sort of property includes the fact that there must be a liability with regard to property freeing. This is especially problematic in California, where any kind of property loss could preclude a financial liability investigation of such a loss. Legal responsibility with regard to property includes the fact that one must be responsible for any acts which occur on the property.

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Professional Portfolio and Self-Marketing Plan Term Paper

passe-partout Portfolio and Self-Marketing Plan - Term Paper ExampleSolid nursing experience that includes admissions, assessments, treatment, referral, and education for a across-the-board range of patients. Widely recognized as an excellent administer provider and patient advocate. Demonstrated exponent to assist healthcare team members to provide quality patient care. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. thorough accuracy in patient history, charting, and other financial backings. Proficiencies Patient care advocate Intravenous therapy Care platform administration Patient/family education Ante partum, go/Baby, and paediatrics Status post surgical care Lactation counseling Career Experience Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA (Contractor) December 2008 to December, 2010 Registered Nurse in the Mother/Baby unit of the facility delivering a complete range of RN services and expertise in assessments, admissions, referrals, extensive plans of care, administer medications, assist physicians, IVs, IV antibiotics, blood transfusions, wound care, lactation counseling, education of patients/family members, and accurate documentation of patient history, medication, and treatment. Carteret General Hospital, Morehead City, NC September 2006 to October, 2008 Staff Nurse in Ante partum, Mother/Baby, and Pediatrics. ... Have experience in fetal monitoring, doppler, and fetal tracking. Prepared equipment/supplies and assisted physicians during examinations and treatment. When designated, acted in Charge Nurse capacity. Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine, Raleigh, NC October, 2001to princely 2006 Delivered a complete range of RN service and expertise in the clinic environment. Accurately obtained and documented patient history and medication, assisted physicians during examinations/treatment, handled referrals and admissions, and extensive interaction with patients and family members, staff, and physicians. Rex Wellness Center, Ralei gh, NC September, 2000 to May, 2003 Part-time lifeguard and receptionist at the wellness center. cover the front desk, greeted clients, and assisted with membership enrollment of the center. Triangle Pool Management Company, Raleigh, NC May, 1996 to September 1999 Pool managing director and lifeguard (part-time). Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Raleigh, NC February 1996 to May 1998 Pharmacy tech (part-time). Educational Background Bachelor of Science in care for, BSN (2001) Barton College Wilson, brotherhood Carolina Currently Enrolled in Masters Program in Nursing Licensure Licensed Registered Nurse (RN), State of northeastward Carolina (License Number 193770) Course/Certifications Nursing Tutorial and Consulting Nurses in the New Decade Legal Issues in Nursing Advance Charge Nurse Development Stress, Depression, and Pain Basic Life Support Certification (BLS) Pediatric Advance Life Support Certification (PALS) NRP Certification Certified Lactation Counselor Honors/Awards Member of Sigma Th eta Tau content Honor Society of Nursing Numerous Customer Service Awards (Portsmouth Naval Medical Center) Admiral mention Letter Courses Completed NUR 553 Issues in Healthcare Informatics

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Final Assignment Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final Questions - appellation ExampleIP is quite an important asset to the people of the States for it is of very high frugal value as well as an important element of the health and safeguard of the widely distributed American public (NIPRCC, 2011).The counterfeit merchandise therefore does not only pose a threat to the safety and health of the American public but also largely pa practice session a threat to the general economy of the American nation since such products deprive the nation of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars in terms of lost profits, task revenue losses, job loss as well as additional product enforcement costs in the different supply chains (NIPRCC, 2011). Counterfeit products such as the pharmaceuticals, automobile parts pauses a gravid threat to the health and safety of the entire American public. This is because the counterfeit products fail to match the desired grapheme standards. Increase in counterfeit products has resulted from increased th eft of IP which has further threatened the general bail of the American nation. Increased theft of the US trade secrets and more so regarding the US war belligerent poses a huge threat to the American national security (NIPRCC, 2011).In the year 1999, the president of America William J. Clinton issued an executive order 13133 that was purposely meant to address the issue of unlawful conduct and especially through the use of the internet. The reasoning behind the issue of this order was that if the use of the internet can be properly controlled, crimes such as sale of illegal firearms and explosives via the internet, sale of drugs, child pornography as well as spoof could adequately be controlled by the American government. The unlawful conduct in the internet was to be intercommunicate through a working group selected by the president to resolve the particular issue.As stipulated by the executive order 13133, the working group goals included analyzing the already existing federa l laws and assessing the extent to which these laws

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The importance of having a safety program in an organization Term Paper

The importance of having a guard duty program in an transcription - Term Paper Example thence it is the responsibility of the organization to protect its employees from safety and security concerns. The safety program helps to build an atmosphere of peaceful and steady forge where employees be able to concentrate on their job without being concerned over the possible issues of their safety (Alston, 2003). Importance of safety program in an organization The employees are the most valuable as differentiates of an organization. Apart from the employees, the piece of work of an organization also constitutes of the customers, the employees of the customers, agents, suppliers and the general public. Any injury or accident in the workplace is a highly undesired event that could break the flow of workplace activities of the organization. The disruption of work due to events of military force or accidents would not cause losses of daily work output but would also extend to the human res ource of the organization. The cost of such danger situations is unexpectedly high for the organization that demands estimation and accompanying measures. The implementation of safety programs in an organization is an important step to safeguard the employees, internal and external stakeholders and other valuable assets of the organization for sustainable healthy operations. ... The parameters of job security and job satisfaction are among the highly rated criteria that employees look for fulfillment. The role on safety measures by the organization keep the employees loyal to the organization with high level of satisfaction and feeling of care taken by employers. The safety program to be set up by the organizations is also a legal requirement. The laws and regulation of the federal, state, locality and community are enforced so that no compromise is done on the acts of safety. The research on safety issues of the organization indicated that 80% of the reported accidents in workp lace are due to unsafe behavior rather than the unsafe environment. Thus the safety programs included focus on the unsafe behavior of participants in the workplace which is a proactive approach rather than identifying the causes of unsafe environment and waiting for the changes to produce a safe environment. Ways for in(predicate) implementation of safety programs The various ways of successful implementation of safety programs in an organization are given as follows. The implementation of successful safety programs of an organization depends majorly on the initiative of the various levels of anxiety of the organization. The management should be accountable to exhibit exemplary behavior to their employees in the workplace. The rules on safety in workplace should be abided by the entire workforce with high level of mutual respect and co-operation at work. The expectation on safety standards are required to be set among the employees in order to suffer out responsible behavior in t he workplace. While entering into contracts with

Quality and Problem Solving (global tourism management) Essay

Quality and riddle Solving (global tourism management) - Essay ExampleThe organization has successfully captured a favorable contract from a tour operator in the United Arab Emirates and will be receiving a significant proportion of guests. The clients be Emirati guests who espouse a culture highly divergent from western orientations. The challenge is to determine how to successfully terminus the quality issues in much(prenominal) an arrangement.Before venturing into determining what is required in addressing the needs of the Emirati (citizens of United Arab Emirates) guests, the control philosophy should first be identified. The staff of the Royal Edwardian Hotel should adopt a quality constitution that stresses service quality as opposed to value for price paid or maximum profit. The family between service quality and business performance has long been established in hospitality (Hakes, 1991 Bowen and Shoemaker, 1998 Pizam and Ellis, 1999). Researchers such as Caruana (2002) , Cronin and Taylor (1992) and Teas (1994) have shown that service quality is antecedent to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is antecedent to customer loyalty (Bloemer and Kasper, 1995 Caruana, 2002 McDougall and Levesque, 2000).In the hotel industry, service quality is considered as defined and the discerning customer will pronounce quality and develop satisfaction or dissatisfaction in each encounter (Bitner et al., 1990). As hotel experience is make up of individual discrete encounters, it is important to make sure that everything is perfect (Min et al, 2002). The quality management turning away should therefore emphasize gathering and interpreting correctly the traits and characteristics of the customer. It is important to survey the Arab customers to find what they are specifically looking for in a Royal Edwardian Hotel stay.The hotels should determine customer expectations regarding a British hotel experience. match to Clow & Vorhies (1993), the cus tomer forms expectations through a

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Developing reading stratergies Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Developing reading stratergies - Coursework ExampleGeorge is a hardworking character who loves working as he does in the ranches as yet if Lennie has always been causing trouble that makes them to run away time and again. He is as well caring and patient as he c bes about Lennie despite the fact that he is crazy and keeps on causing him trouble.Lennie is depicted as a crazy character that keeps on for expressting things told to him by George or even events that occur during their lifetime and some of which are important. Despite his mental disability however, he is also very(prenominal) hard working. Moreover, he is patient and hospitable because despite all complaints that George stated out of anger, he did non actually do anything stupid he hang on and maintained friendship with George.The story begins by giving a brief summary on the landscape of Soledad and especially the location of Salinas River. The river is said to be located between the mountain ridges and along the Vall ey of Gabilan Mountains. The river banks and the area in general is characterised by coppice and huge trees, in this case referred to as gigantic whose leaves are dry and fall under the trees. close of the trees in this area, and especially along the river are sycamore trees.This is a national ethos belong to the United States of the States consisting of a group of ideologies such as the opportunity for success and prosperity. In a society that has less barriers, the country has an aim of improving the social mobility of the citizens through encouraging hard work in individuals.A work card is a document considered to be an identification that an individual can perform a particular type of task assigned. These are the documents carried be George and Lennie that they intend to use for identification if they are to get employed in the next ranch that they are going to visit.George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and they are welcomed into an old room that

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Terrance McNallys Its Only a Play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Terrance McNallys Its Only a incline - Essay ExampleTerrance McNallys Its Only a PlayThere was a heartbeat when a line in the first act was given by Noah Mittman, tampering Gus, that seemed to break the world within the work. Much of his performance, while good, seemed to be a bit stalled in places. The character played by J. Nick Dickart, by the name of James, picked up the pace when it seemed to have fallen slightly short. The interactions between these two characters seemed to have almost pacing difficulties which created a problem for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the character of the producer, Julia, played by Ilasiea Gray. While imperfect the part seemed to reflect the imperfections of the character so that those moments that might not have been as believable pass for character flaws. The interpretation of the role made it seem natural to the battleground, even in its naivet, a position in which she interprets theatrical phrases to members of the play as if they would not und erstand them. In some ways, it was easier to relate to her as she was somewhat on the outside of the theater looking in when she related to the new(prenominal) characters, which placed her in a similar position as the audience.As some of the humor was above the instruction of the audience, so too was the situation above her experience, thus making her more easily relatable. She was a office between the audience and the action of the new(prenominal) characters which eased the tension that can exist between theater people and those who only attend or help from the outside. While she was a producer, she was still not amply immersed or as experienced. 4. Acting is more than just a collection of individual performances. The entire companion needs to work together as a unit (this is sometimes called ensemble) each actor moldiness not only perform his or her own role but also support the other performers. Discuss how the performers related or failed to relate to one another. Did they listen to each other and respond? Did each actor seem to be showing off and ignoring the others? Answer Question 4 The one aspect of the play that seemed very successful was that the characters seemed to be in concert with one another and they were working together to derive all of the scenes work. The actors were engaged with one another, each scene seeming to flow naturally with very a few(prenominal) of those moments when an audience member will think about that fact that they were attending a play. The humor was knowing with the concept of exaggeration and exploitation of the

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Criminal Justice System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

fell Justice System - Essay ExampleOne of the issues facing the justice system is the existence of a gap in terms of punishment to adolescent offenders, especially for extreme crimes such as murder. Scott and Steinberg advocate that the adolescent cannot be punished as a juvenile delinquent as for this may be too lenient opus punishing the adolescent as an adult maybe also be too harsh. The justice system is then faced with a difficult decision as some(prenominal) of these punishments is seems inappropriate. For example, in a recent case of Graham versus Florida, Graham, 16 long time old was found to contract violated his probation terms by committing other crime. In the hearing, the court found Graham culpable of the precedent charges, revoked his probation and sentenced him to emotional state imprisonment without an option of parole. In this case, the first ruling seems quite lenient in that the offender does not reform or cease to engage in criminal behavior but in concomi tant seems to increase his engagement in crime. The second ruling of life imprisonment without parole seems to be too severe considering his was a non-homicidal crime and regarding his age, he would spend most of his life in prison.The fact that there is no national consensus on the punishment of criminal offenders between the ages of 14 and 18 years presents another challenge to the justice system in the US. For example, in the case of Roper versus Simmons, Simmons had planned and affiliated a murder at the age of seventeen. Such a violent crime cannot go unpunished. At the age of eighteen, he was sentenced to death which is the punishment for adults. Whilst the evidence presented was overwhelming, the fact that he committed the crime while he was still seventeen did influence the reduction of his sentence from a death penalty to life imprisonment.

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Religious Expression's relation to ancient cultures through Greek and Essay

Religious Expressions sex act to ancient cultures through Greek and Roman times - Essay ExampleII. Roman Temple furore (150 words) The temple cultus of Rome was what drove Roman society. Romans were expected to make sacrifices to the temple court on a regular basis, and no angiotensin converting enzyme was exemptfrom the very wealthy to the very poor. However, early Christianity started to resurrect up in popularity. The Christians refused to pay sacrifices to the temple cultus, claiming that they only served one god alone. According to Hauer and Young (1998), On one point devout Christians were obdurate in their resistance to Roman policy. This was teh cult of the divine emperor butterflyThe cult of the emperor was more popular in the provinces than in Rome itself and the divine kingship in the eastern Mediterranean (pp. 338). This was the beginning of the end of divine rule in Rome, as Christianity was spreading like wildfire. It is authoritative that the rituals that the C hristians developed were based on traditions already in place. III. Pre-Christian Tradition in Rome (300 words) Early Christianity was essentially based on Judaism as well as Roman religious tradition. Everything from the Lords Supper (which was essentially consisting of bread and wine)to providing sacrifices for Jehovah or Yahwehwere rituals based on both Roman and Judaic tradition. While the rite was based on a Jewish tradition, Roman love-feasts were also the basis for the Lords Supper. stack got together in secret burial societies and had feasts, committing each other to themselves in order to ensure that afterwards their deaths they would be properly buried. These burial societies were the precursors of early Christian tradition. It was only with the appearance of the early church fathers that these Jewish and Roman customs were totally extracted from Christian tradition, and new religious meanings were associated with the Lords Supper. In perspective of the Jewish tradi tion of celebrating in the mikveh ceremonies, the practice was renamed baptism and was required of all Christian converts. There were so some(prenominal) traditions that were borrowed from Judeo-Roman religious tradition that galore(postnominal) Christians argon not even aware of these traditions. It is necessary for Christians to realize that Christianity so was a sprout forth from Judaism, and, indirectly, a branch of Judaism. The only difference was that Christianity declared Jesus not only their prophet, but the son of God, Yahwehalso known as Jehovah in some circles, depending upon one whether one used the Hebrew or the Greek translation. Even though the language of Jesus was Aramaic, many of Jesuss followers were indeed Jewish before realizing that following Jesus meant converting into a Christianwhich was a new way of life and unfettered by all the rules of Pharisaic Judaism. Indeed, it is true that the some(prenominal) traditions that still continue today in Christianity are evocative of religious Jewish and Roman tradition. IV. Greek Gods (200 words) Greek gods were frequently worshipped in the Greco-Roman Empire as well. Since the histories of both Greece and Rome are so intertwined, some of their religious traditions overlapped. According to Newsom and Ringe (1998)Many cities honored one particular god or goddess as primary, such as the worship of Artemis at Ephesus, but also honored other deities as well. Judaism acknowledged only one deity, Yahweh, the God of Israel

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Critically examine the measures in the detailed case study Essay

Critically examine the measures in the detailed role study - Essay ExampleAlso, as a way of increasing cost savings while not sacrificing the morale, loyalty and motivation of employees, they are inclined various opportunities for a more ductile turn over schedules and arrangements to suit their passage growth and development needs.Under the heading of Workforce Planning, important measures given emphasis on by the proposed measures involve the management of planned retirements in relation to the expected postgraduate retirement rates within the next 10 or more years. However, grants for allowing temporary retention of employees fourth-year 64 are still allowable under certain circumstances in order for them to register into a state of transition prior to fully retiring from the workforce. In relation to this measure, while on that point are no prohibitions to the retention or the rehiring of employees beyond their retirement ages, due to the need for a course succession i n hopes of adding contributors of new ideas or innovations to the organisation as well as to allow the career growth of the remaining 65% of the workforce there will be a prioritisation of opening positions in the upper rung of the corporate ladder, with exceptions to certain positions related to advisory councils or organisational consultants. It is also proposed that aside from perpendicular realignment of positions there will also be possible redeployment in line with the need to diversity how the whole organisation functions upon the retirement of 35% of the workforce. Thus instead of hiring new employees to fill in the jobs, there will be a greater focus on retraining employees to be more flexible in their jobs to meet the needs of the organisation, thereby decreasing the odds of redundancy within the next some years. To prevent any violation of contracts or other prior agreements it is proposed that negotiations and consultations are done between shell out unions and the council, with assistance from human resources.In line with the proposal for an organisation change

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Discuss the historiography of conmopolitanism in Bombay Essay

Discuss the historiography of conmopolitanism in Bombay - Essay ExampleAlternatively, another argument put forward is the fact that there are a wide variety of alternative cosmopolitan formations.reflected in civil society organisations and lifestyle changes for different groups, and oftentimes vividly reflected in film4. The focus of this paper is to critically evaluate the historiography of cosmopolitanism in Bombay. To this end, it is submitted that the issue of cosmopolitanism in Bombay is intrinsically complex in embodying multifarious and diverse lifestyle cosmopolitan formations5as a result of lifestyle and socio-political changes in India.Additionally, it is submitted that on the one hand, the archetypal Bollywood Film arguably personifies the historiography of cosmopolitanism in Bombay as evidenced by the contrast between depictions of cosmopolitan Bombay in the initial aftermath of Independence and the subsequent cinematic reflections of destabilisation of the postcoloni al vision of urban national development6. Accordingly, it is further submitted that to some extent the Indian film acts as a microcosm of the cultural development of Bombay from a historiography perspective and that cosmopolitanism in Bombay is ultimately correlated to social change.However, it is all-important(prenominal) to highlight the fact that from a socio-cultural perspective, the archetypal Indian film has served an important function in providing evasion to the poorer masses. Therefore, whilst film is clearly an important aspect of considering cosmopolitanism in Bombay, it is ultimately the socio-political backdrop that will influence the proceed evolution of cosmopolitanism. This is further evidenced if we consider the fact in postcolonial India, the initial unification of Indian slew during Independence had moved towards an ostensible cosmopolitan Bombay embracing its multicultural population,

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Teamwork in CommuniCo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Teamwork in CommuniCo - Essay ExampleThe quality of the use of these studies is due to thediversityin dealing with squadcomponents. Katzenbach and Smiths (1999, p. 13) read mainly deals with the establishment of the members as one single unit, while Belbins study mainly deals with dealing on improving the functioning of the individuals inwardly the squad. Individualsdevelopon their own towards the makeup of the whole teams progression in causeance and achievement of goals. The two studies both lead to the effective improvement in performance within the team. Iaimat proving them through a combination of the two techniques. This would lead to the best teamimprovementmethodboth in performance and achievement. This would create a statewhere thetechniqueis improving the state of the individuals within the team each as a, separate,independent soul. This brings out their abilities while, at the same time, it brings about awayin which theteamimproves as a whole. This is in terms of t heir strengths and abilities as a team working together towards that goal. Katzenbach and Smith (1999 p. 32) define team work as the performance of an action by a team towards the achievement of a common purpose. A team comprises of more than one person of whom each ideally holds different responsibilities in the performance of the action. ... The use ofteamwork has various advantages to firms such as, the quick completion of tasks or problems. Here, challenges get exposed to a widevarietyof knowledge. Morale and ownership among the different individuals in different tasks boosts through participative decision making and, as a result,effectiveresults got from this. consort to Belbin ateamrefers to a group of individuals, in which each has a role understood by other partners. The different individuals in a teamlocatevarious positions within the team and perform exceptionally effectively in those that arenaturalor that are common (Herbert, 1994 p. 13). He pass ondefined as thetermt eamroleas thetendencytocontribute, interrelate andtreatwith others in a way. He mentions nine suchteamroles that underlie team success. Belbins team roles implies in the credit of different peoples behavioral strengths and weaknesses in the performance of authorizedtasks in the achievement ofcertaingoals. Such identification of these strengths and weaknesses is useful in the aid recruitment process, mutual trust and understanding, to build full-bodiedworking relationships and the selection and development of high performing teams. It is these nine roles that Belbin establishes as the best modes of improvingteamwork within firms and organizations. This ensures the achievement of set goals in the bestmodepossible. According to Katzenbach and Smith (1999)studyon teamwork focuses on various aspects such as the sense of purpose within the team members. on that point should be a deeper sense of purpose for the achievement of the desired results. This implies that all members feel individ ual amenable and

Juvenile Offenders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

teenage Offenders - Essay ExampleAs the discussion outlines from a cost-benefit point of view, it makes sense to terminate the probation period. There are many cost associated with running intervention programs such as probation. Evidence shows that the defendant has reformed and is no longer a threat to the society. An early release willing help reduce the costs associated with monitor him during the probation period. It is therefore sensible to allow the defendant to integrate into the community and use the available resources to help different individuals through such intervention programs. The damages caused by the defendant are quite enormous, but these costs cannot be compared to the overall costs incurred by tax payers in financing such programs. By relinquish the defendant, the court will send a message to the entire country and the world on the wideness of saving costs through early termination of probation. There are many juvenile offenders who cleverness be in a sim ilar situation, and if this is applied to all, the country will save on these costs. This get word highlights that the defendant, being only a 17-yealr old boy, is yet to complete school and start pulping his life. It is the craving of every citizen to see young men and women grow into mature and responsible adults. Termination of the probation period will help in achieving this. It will give the defendant enough time for his studies, and engage in income generating activities. However, by keeping him on probation, the defendant wastes precious time doing community service and other probation-related activities. Under the flowing circumstances, the probation period already served by the defendant appears to have yielded the desired result, and therefore it is important to allow him to build his life.

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Is rape a product of sexual desire, or the exercise of power Essay

Is rape a product of internal desire, or the exercise of power - Essay ExampleHaving this in mind, this paper examines the resolution with a view of examining the motivation of rapists as either internally aroused or as workforce or women who have decided to exercise their perceived powers over their victims through intimacy. It will also see to it in into the matter of a continuously broadening side of criminality and violence within informal relationships. The aim is to examine the various elements that come into play when handling matters dealing with rape in the order today. Rape can be generally defined as the use of violent means or threatening words to lead someone into submitting to sexual intercourse (Smart 1995). This act can therefore provide into serious violation of the victims dignity as well as loss of egotism confidence among other physiological side effects (Kelly 1998). There are various theories that have been proposed to explicate this inhuman act. One o f these theories will be discussed in the section that follows.One of the long found theories of sexual assault was based on the belief that rapists were mentally ill or had some biological imbalances in their body that contributed to inability for any proper control of their impulses. This theory is referred to as the psychopathology model. It proposes that rapists were medically speculative individuals that were acting in an inhuman manner because of their bodily imbalances (Terry et al 2010). This theory thought that rape was a rare occurrence and hence could be effectively handled by medically proven means deal hormonal injection, psychotherapy or even castration.When looked at in the view of the two divides that are cosmos examined by this paper, the theory supports the view that rape may be as a result of sexual desire or the inability to control such desires. However, this model may only apply to a few cases of rape that has been a growing concern in the moral foundations of the society we live in today. The

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Practical Production Supporting Account Essay Example for Free

Practical Production Supporting Account EssayOur aim was to produce a pack trailer and our initial ideas were to produce a film aimed at two male and female, offspring auditory modality. We decided to use a Psychographic approach to deciding and audience, the first thing we decided was to make a mainstream film this is because this appeals to the largest proportion of the available audience. We felt that we should appeal to an senesce rang of 15-24 this is because as a member of this age group, we can easily identify what appeals to this age group. We felt that the best way to approach this was to use devil specific genres action and a love.This is because our research showed us that in most successful films aimed at this stooge audience contained two specific genres. For example the Fast and the Furious mixed action with a unessential love plot, subsequently it was nominated for 11 awards and won 8. After deciding our genres we had to decide which subsisting convention s to pose and which would most appeal to our target audience. Our supplementary research (that was a questionnaire) showed us that we should not include screening stars or directors names and we should not convey a particular confvictimization or thoughtful plot.We put in that we should include conventions such as modern extra-diegetic music and sounds, and use Propps book of facts organise of the hero and the villain. In our production, it was clear that the villain was the hostage taker, and the hero was the police force. It is on the villains side. These values appeal directly to our audience. Our good deal result also showed that we should not offer the viewer too much to remember, the film name and produce date is enough. Our primary research showed us this also we can see this in many existing trailers.We also decided to se tension to build suspense by making the lead character seem powerful. We did this by using low angle, dingy lit shots, which makes the character seem powerful. This is because we often repeat a more powerful person being above us, in for example a court. spring often builds tension because we get a sense of a clash of the titans effect, and a build up to a big ending. A lot of the film orbit around a representation of desperation, which applies to both genres.For example, allot of the shots transitions make them seem disconnected, which represents the disconnection from others in a hostage situation. Another example of this is the phantasm. shadow represents an unknown or a fear, also associated with desperation. We decided to use allot of darkness and shadows to create a sense of fear and tension, when cupped with the particular music gives a strong emotional aroma which in our secondary research we found appeals to the target audience and fits in well with the genre.We found that the most common human face of successful film trailers aimed at a similar target audience was a quick and aeonian change in shots. This co nstant contrast keeps the audiences attention. We did this particularly because our audience has been proven to have a low attention span. At looking at previous and existing trailers, they often use the same effect, in that the main character is looking back on the main events of the film and telling the story of the film. This structure often lets the audience get to know the main character more.For example, it the Lord of War trailer, Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) goes through the polot of the film and lets the audience into his personality. In our film however we decided not to do this. We wanted the charictars to be dark and secret, apearing hard on the outside untill the ending of the film. A charictar looking back on the events would not let this. We only made one significant change in that trailer whilst it was being edited, which was the speed of most of the shots, We did this because often a slower movement is often much more dramatic and adds to the emotional tincture of th e film.Another part of our target audience decisions was to make the trailer appealing to both sexes we did this by using to main feels to the trailer, power and emotion. We did this by using things such as low angles, low-level lighting and darkness to suggest power and fade effects, slow motion, sunset effects and shadows to convey emotion. Another thing we continuously tried to change was the name. We needed something that represented the film but at the same time unsubdivided and effective. Hostage satisfies both these qualities.For example, we used the slow motion when the lead, played by Alex, falls against the wall it is a really emotional time for him (in the film) and the slow motion coveys this well. The final product, both me and the other members of the team were very pleased with. We felt that especially by using many common conventions made it rely feel like a film trailer. Whether we enjoyed it was because it was designed to appeal to us particularly as members of the target audience is debatable, but overall we were all very pleased with the final product.

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Lifespan Development Psychology Paper Essay Example for Free

Lifespan nurture Psychology Paper EssayLifespan Development Paper When studying the Lifespan Developmental stages by dint ofout Chapter 1 of our textbook, I began to realize that I encounter traveled down some of the same common paths as my personal idols. Although most were dead farseeing before I was ever conceived, I find it rather fascinating. The textbook states that Lifespan perspective is specify as lifelong, multidimensional, multidirectional, plastic, multidisciplinary, and contextual, and as a process that involves growth, maintenance, and regulation of loss.The human life expectancy has truly surpassed any other living animals from a house mouse that has a life span of a low 3 twelvemonths, to an Indian elephant that can live to be 70 years. Jeanne Calmet, who was the oldest living person, was innate(p) in Arles, France was born February 21, 1875 and died August 4, 1997. She was 122 years and 164 days old at the time of her death. Although most would love to l ive as long of life as Mrs. Calmet, that is somewhat unrealistic. The average life expectancy for people living inwardly the United States of America is 78 years of age.That is a humungous leap from the average life expectancy of a man who lived during the Pre-historic which was the early age of 18. People go through many varied changes as the domain is ever changing. There are three different types of influences which include 1) normative age-graded influences, 2) normative history-graded influences, and 3) nonnormative or highly individualized life fonts. Examples of normative age-graded influences are things that people of the same age go through together. Lets take my twin sister and me as an example.At the early age of 1, we some(prenominal) began walking with 2 weeks of nonpareil another. Although not at the same time, we both were starting our menstrual cycles both at the age of 11 years old. In life we will experience menopause about the same time, and possibly even r etirement within a short time between each(prenominal) other. Examples of normative history-graded influences would be people who have experienced history changing events with one another. How about ii mothers who may live on the opposite sides of the United States, just now both lost children as a result to fighting over in Afghanistan.They will never know one another but they will have a similar bond because they went through a similar event. Another would be the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Even I will never forget where I was and what I was doing on that contraband day. Lastly, examples of nonnormative or highly individualized life events could be anything from hitting it rich with the lottery, to an unexpected, devastating event like Hurricane Katrina. It may not have happened to all of us, but it influenced us all in different ways.When I began reading the part in Chapter 1 that was titled, Womens Struggle for Equality An International journey, I was truly asto nished by the figures. It is sad when I look around my neighborhood, and think that one in every six of these homes, a person is/was abused by their partner. Last weekend, my 10 year old son and I witnessed physical abuse as a missy was being medicine as she was attempting to get into the passenger side of a vehicle while at our local Burger King. hence the teenage boyfriend began slapping her. My son and I were panicking to function this young girl whom we didnt even know.I immediately called 9-1-1 and reported it to the authorities. The police arrived before we even left the parking lot, and I pray that this girl knows her worth in life, and realizes that she deserves better than that. The story in our textbook about Doly Akter, who is only 17 years of age and has lived her life in the slums of Bangladesh, is stepping out to do her part to help make her community a better one. She has created a club that is sponsored by UNICEF and goes door to door to monitor the hygiene and h ealth of her neighbors.With her help, on with others that are a part of this phenomenal club, they are already seeing a major progress in peoples health and hygiene. To make this story even better, she is talking to parents of girls to explain that consistent child marriages are not always in the best interest of these young ladies and staying in inform will improve the lives of these girls. Health care in America has done amazing things for their citizens but alleviate has a long way to go. I dont want to imagine that when I experience older, I only have a 52% chance of receiving the recommended proper care to treat something as important as heart disease.Along with the government regulated Medicare, and improper care for the millions of senior citizens in the United States, I can only hope that it gets better and fast to help these people. With the (2) factors that show that immediatelys senior citizens need our help more know that decades earlier, it should be our duty and privilege to help them. Going to your local Senior living facility and seeing the many, who have no spouses still living, or no family to talk to, they are forced to go through their later part of life, not in truth communicating with others.

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A poem which depicts a violent incident Essay Example for Free

A meter which depicts a wild fortuity EssayTASK Choose a poem in which there is a dramatic or violent fortuity. Show how the poet conveys the incident use various poetic techniques. Glasgow 5 March 1971 by Scottish poet Edwin Morgan effectively conveys a violent incident which occurs on a busy street in Glasgow. The incident captured in this instamatic poem involves a violent attack on a young couple who are pushed with a shop windowpane by thieving youths. The incident is shown intensely through various techniques such as imagery, word picking and structure. Through this poem, Morgan effectively criticises society and our reluctance to help others in need.One of the ways in which Morgan helps us understand the incident is through the use of imagery. The poem begins with a striking metaphor to describe the dun diamond of shattered plate-glass. The broken glass is being compared to a diamond to help us picture show the sharp, glinting edges of the window. This immediate ly shows how violent the incident is. He goes on to describe the mans mettle as bristling with fragments of glass. This metaphor compared the numerous shards of glass on his face to a beard. This again highlights the inconvenience and damage caused to the innocent young man.The serious nature of the injuries is also conveyed by the words spurts of arterial blood which creates the image of blood gushing out of the girl. Her wet-look white coat emphasises the amount of blood and the job of red blood on white which creates a strong visual image. The poem then moves on to describe the attackers using effective word choice to convey the lack of compassion shown to the victims. The incident is exposit as the operation which suggests that this is a purely business-like transaction for these people. There is no emotion.The word loot suggests that the youths lonesome(prenominal) accusation is to grab as many valuables as possible and do it smartly. This highlights the impersonal, busin ess-like manner again, demonstrate a lack of humanity. Again this is done with no expression which shows no concern or care for the couple whose faces show surprise and shock. The word choice used here effectively shows the selfishness of the youths whose scarce care is to steal with no concern for who gets hurt in this violent incident. . Morgan achieves this by using the set out tense, a young man and his girl are falling, their arms are starfished.This creates the effect of comprehend the particular as a picture rather than an ongoing event. The writer emphasises this with the words sharp light up night which relates to a camera image again. This helps the reader stand back and look at the event objectively without be involved. Morgan is trying to make the point that this is what we do in society when we see hysteria occurring stand back and not get involved. This theme of societys reluctance to help others is shown through the deliberate reference in Sauchiehall Street.T his makes it clear that this violent incident took place on a busy street in Glasgow where lots of people would be. He goes on to refer to drivers in the punctuate which again highlights the fact that people do not come forward to help the victims they keep their eye on the road. This final line effectively conveys Morgans attitude that people turn a blind eye to violence, most likely from fear or lack of compassion. Through presenting this snapshot of the incident in sharp clear detail, it makes the reader think about what we would have done in this station and why people failed to act.In conclusion this poem effectively conveys a violent incident on a busy Glasgow street. Edwin Morgan successfully highlights the lack of concern in our society for others. He achieved this through his instamatic technique, vivid imagery and effective word choice. These techniques helped me visualise the incident well and understand the writers message. The poem really made me think about how we tr eat one another in society as this incident is set in Glasgow in a busy street. It made me wonder if this would actually demote and if people would help or turn a blind eye.

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The Increased Use of Genetically Modified Food Essay Example for Free

The Increased part of Genetic eachy Modified Food EssayGenetically-limited nutriments (GM foods) make water made a big splash in the news lately. European environmental organizations and public interest groups begin been actively protesting against GM foods for months, and recent disput adequate studies more or less the cause of transmittableally-modified lemon yellow pollen on monarch butterfly caterpillars1, 2 accept brought the issue of genetic engineering to the forefront of the public consciousness in the U. S. In response to the upswelling of public concern, the U. S. Food and medicine Administration (FDA) held three open meetings in Chicago, Washington, D. C., and Oakland, California to solicit public opinions and begin the process of establishing a new regulative procedure for government approval of GM foods3.I attended the FDA meeting held in November 1999 in Washington, D. C. , and here I testament attempt to summarize the issues gnarled and explain th e U. S. governments present berth in regulating GM food. What argon genetically-modified foods? The term GM foods or GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) is most comm just drug abuse to refer to p atomic number 18 bases cr saped for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biological science techniques.These coifs have been modified in the laboratory to enhance desired traits such as increased vindication to herbicides or improved nutritional content. The enhancement of desired traits has traditionally been undertaken through breeding, but conventional plant breeding methods groundwork be very time consuming and argon often not very accurate. Genetic engineering, on the other hand, can create plants with the exact desired trait very rapidly and with great accuracy. For example, plant geneticists can isolate a gene responsible for drought tolerance and innovate that gene into a different plant.The new genetically-modified plant will gain drought tolerance a s well. Not only can genes be transferred from one plant to another, but genes from non-plant organisms also can be used. The best known example of this is the use of B. t. genes in clavus and other crops. B. t. , or Bacillus thuringiensis, is a naturally spendring bacterium that produces crystal proteins that are lethal to dirt ball larvae. B. t. crystal protein genes have been transferred into corn, enabling the corn to produce its own pesticides against insects such as the European corn borer.For two informative overviews of some of the techniques mixed in creating GM foods, visit Biotech Basics (sponsored by Monsanto) http//www. biotechknowledge. monsanto. com/biotech/bbasics. nsf/index or Techniques of specify Biotechnology from the subject field Center for Biotechnology Education http//www. ncbe. reading. ac. uk/NCBE/GMFOOD/techniques. What are some of the advantages of GM foods? The human beings population has topped 6 billion mass and is predicted to double in the nex t 50 years. Ensuring an nice food supply for this well-heeled population is going to be a major challenge in the years to come.GM foods holler to meet this need in a number of ways Pest foemanCrop losses from insect pests can be staggering, resulting in devastating financial loss for farmers and starvation in developing countries. Farmers typically use mevery tons of chemical pesticides annually. Consumers do not wish to eat food that has been treated with pesticides because of authorisation health hazards, and run-off of coarse wastes from excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers can poison the water supply and cause detriment to the environment.Growing GM foods such as B. t.corn can booster eliminate the application of chemical pesticides and subordinate the cost of bringing a crop to market4, 5. Herbicide toleranceFor some crops, it is not cost-effective to remove widows weeds by physical means such as tilling, so farmers will often spray giving quantities of differe nt herbicides (weed-killer) to overthrow weeds, a time-consuming and expensive process, that requires care so that the herbicide doesnt rail at the crop plant or the environment. Crop plants genetically-engineered to be resistant to one very powerful herbicide could help prevent environmental damage by reducing the amount of herbicides needed.For example, Monsanto has created a strain of soja beans genetically modified to be not affected by their herbicide product Roundup 6. A farmer grows these soybeans which then only require one application of weed-killer instead of multiple applications, reducing production cost and limiting the dangers of agricultural waste run-off7. Disease resistance There are many viruses, fungi and bacteria that cause plant diseases. Plant biologists are working to create plants with genetically-engineered resistance to these diseases8, 9.Cold toleranceUnexpected frost can destroy dainty seedlings. An antifreeze gene from cold water fish has been introd uced into plants such as tobacco and potato. With this antifreeze gene, these plants are able to endorse cold temperatures that normally would kill unmodified seedlings10. (Note I have not been able to find any journal articles or patents that involve fish antifreeze proteins in strawberries, although I have seen such reports in newspapers.I can only conclude that nothing on this application has yet been published or patented.) drought tolerance/salinity toleranceAs the world population grows and more land is utilized for housing instead of food production, farmers will need to grow crops in locations previously unsuited for plant cultivation. Creating plants that can withstand foresightful periods of drought or high salt content in soil and groundwater will help people to grow crops in formerly inhospitable places11, 12. NutritionMalnutrition is common in third world countries where poverty-stricken peoples swan on a single crop such as strain for the main staple of their di et.However, rice does not retain adequate amounts of all necessary nutrients to prevent malnutrition. If rice could be genetically engineered to contain additional vitamins and minerals, nutrient deficiencies could be alleviated. For example, blindness due to vitamin A deficiency is a common riddle in third world countries. Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Institute for Plant Sciences have created a strain of golden rice containing an unusually high content of beta-carotene (vitamin A)13.Since this rice was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation14, a non-profit organization, the Institute hopes to offer the golden rice seed free to any third world country that requests it. Plans were underway to develop a golden rice that also has increased iron content. However, the generate that funded the creation of these two rice strains was not renewed, perhaps because of the vigorous anti-GM food protesting in Europe, and so this nutritionally-enhanced rice may not c ome to market at all15.PharmaceuticalsMedicines and vaccines often are costly to produce and sometimes require special storage conditions not readily open in third world countries. Researchers are working to develop edible vaccines in tomatoes and potatoes16, 17. These vaccines will be much easier to ship, store and administer than traditional injectable vaccines. PhytoremediationNot all GM plants are grown as crops. Soil and groundwater pollution continues to be a problem in all parts of the world. Plants such as poplar trees have been genetically engineered to plunk up heavy metal pollution from contaminated soil18.How prevalent are GM crops? What plants are involved? According to the FDA and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there are over 40 plant varieties that have completed all of the federal requirements for commercialization (http//vm. cfsan. fda. gov/%7Elrd/biocon). Some examples of these plants include tomatoes and cantalopes that have modified ripenin g characteristics, soybeans and sugarbeets that are resistant to herbicides, and corn and cotton plants with increased resistance to insect pests.Not all these products are available in supermarkets yet however, the prevalence of GM foods in U. S. grocery stores is more widespread than is commonly thought. spell there are very, very few genetically-modified whole fruits and vegetables available on produce stands, highly treat foods, such as vegetable oils or breakfast cereals, most likely contain some exact percentage of genetically-modified ingredients because the raw ingredients have been pooled into one processing stream from many different number 1s.Also, the ubiquity of soybean derivatives as food additives in the modern American diet virtually ensures that all U. S. consumers have been heart-to-heart to GM food products. The U. S. statistics that follow are derived from data presented on the USDA web site at http//www. ers. usda. gov/briefing/biotechnology/. The global s tatistics are derived from a brief published by the International operate for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) at http//www. isaaa. org/publications/briefs/Brief_21. htm and from the Biotechnology Industry Organization at http//www. bio.org/foodag/1999Acreage.Thirteen countries grew genetically-engineered crops commercially in 2000, and of these, the U. S. produced the majority. In 2000, 68% of all GM crops were grown by U. S. farmers. In comparison, Argentina, Canada and China produced only 23%, 7% and 1%, respectively. some other countries that grew commercial GM crops in 2000 are Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, Spain, and Uruguay. Soybeans and corn are the top two most widely grown crops (82% of all GM crops harvested in 2000), with cotton, rapeseed (or canola) and potatoes trailing behind.74% of these GM crops were modified for herbicide tolerance, 19% were modified for insect pest resistance, and 7% were modified for two(prenominal) herbicide tolerance and pest tolerance. Globally, acreage of GM crops has increased 25-fold in just 5 years, from nigh 4. 3 million acres in 1996 to 109 million acres in 2000 almost twice the electron orbit of the United Kingdom. Approximately 99 million acres were devoted to GM crops in the U. S. and Argentina alone. In the U. S. , approximately 54% of all soybeans cultivated in 2000 were genetically-modified, up from 42% in 1998 and only 7% in 1996.In 2000, genetically-modified cotton varieties accounted for 61% of the total cotton crop, up from 42% in 1998, and 15% in 1996. GM corn and also experienced a similar but less spectacular increase. Corn production increased to 25% of all corn grown in 2000, about the comparable as 1998 (26%), but up from 1. 5% in 1996. As anticipated, pesticide and herbicide use on these GM varieties was slashed and, for the most part, yields were increased (for details, see the UDSA publication at http//www. ers. usda. gov/publica tions/aer786/). What are some of the criticisms against GM foods?environmental activists, religious organizations, public interest groups, professional associations and other scientists and government officials have all showd concerns about GM foods, and criticized agribusiness for pursuing profit without concern for potential hazards, and the government for failing to exercise adequate regulatory oversight. It seems that everyone has a strong opinion about GM foods. Even the Vatican19 and the Prince of Wales20 have expressed their opinions. most(prenominal) concerns about GM foods fall into three categories environmental hazards, human health take a chances, and frugal concerns.Environmental hazards unplanned harm to other organismsLast year a laboratory study was published in Nature21 showing that pollen from B. t. corn caused high mortality rates in monarch butterfly caterpillars. Monarch caterpillars consume milkweed plants, not corn, but the fear is that if pollen from B. t. corn is blown by the wind onto milkweed plants in neighboring fields, the caterpillars could eat the pollen and perish. Although the Nature study was not conducted under natural field conditions, the results seemed to support this viewpoint.Unfortunately, B. t. toxins kill many species of insect larvae indiscriminately it is not possible to design a B.t. toxin that would only kill crop-damaging pests and remain harmless to all other insects. This study is being reexamined by the USDA, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other non-government research groups, and prelude data from new studies suggests that the original study may have been blemish22, 23.This topic is the subject of acrimonious debate, and both sides of the argument are defending their data vigorously. Currently, there is no agreement about the results of these studies, and the potential risk of harm to non-target organisms will need to be evaluated further.Reduced effectiveness of pesticidesJust as some populations of mosquitoes veritable resistance to the now-banned pesticide DDT, many people are concerned that insects will become resistant to B. t. or other crops that have been genetically-modified to produce their own pesticides. Gene transfer to non-target speciesAnother concern is that crop plants engineered for herbicide tolerance and weeds will cross-breed, resulting in the transfer of the herbicide resistance genes from the crops into the weeds. These superweeds would then be herbicide tolerant as well.Other introduced genes may cross over into non-modified crops planted next to GM crops. The possibility of interbreeding is shown by the abnegation of farmers against lawsuits filed by Monsanto. The company has filed patent assault lawsuits against farmers who may have harvested GM crops. Monsanto claims that the farmers obtained Monsanto-licensed GM seeds from an unknown source and did not pay royalties to Monsanto. The farmers claim that their unmodified crops were cross-pollinated from someone elses GM crops planted a field or two away.More investigation is needed to resolve this issue. There are several possible solutions to the three problems mentioned above. Genes are exchanged between plants via pollen. Two ways to ensure that non-target species will not receive introduced genes from GM plants are to create GM plants that are male sterile (do not produce pollen) or to switch the GM plant so that the pollen does not contain the introduced gene24, 25, 26. Cross-pollination would not occur, and if harmless insects such as monarch caterpillars were to eat pollen from GM plants, the caterpillars would survive.Another possible solution is to create buffer zones around fields of GM crops27, 28, 29. For example, non-GM corn would be planted to surround a field of B. t. GM corn, and the non-GM corn would not be harvested. Beneficial or harmless insects would have a refuge in the non-GM corn, and insect pests could be allowed to destroy the non-G M corn and would not develop resistance to B. t. pesticides. Gene transfer to weeds and other crops would not occur because the wind-blown pollen would not travel beyond the buffer zone.Estimates of the necessary width of buffer zones range from 6 meters to 30 meters or more30. This planting method may not be feasible if too much acreage is required for the buffer zones. Human health risks Allergenicity Many children in the US and Europe have developed life-threatening allergies to peanuts and other foods. There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. A proposal to incorporate a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans was furiousnessed because of the fear of causing unlooked-for allergic reactions31.Extensive testing of GM foods may be required to avoid the possibility of harm to consumers with food allergies. Labeling of GM foods and food products will acquire new importance, which I sha ll discuss later. Unknown effects on human healthThere is a growing concern that introducing foreign genes into food plants may have an unthought and negative impact on human health. A recent article published in lance examined the effects of GM potatoes on the digestive tract in rats32, 33. This study claimed that there were appreciable differences in the intestines of rats fed GM potatoes and rats fed unmodified potatoes.Yet critics say that this paper, like the monarch butterfly data, is flawed and does not hold up to scientific scrutiny34. Moreover, the gene introduced into the potatoes was a snowdrop flower lectin, a warmheartedness known to be toxic to mammals. The scientists who created this variety of potato chose to use the lectin gene simply to test the methodology, and these potatoes were never intended for human or animal consumption. On the whole, with the exception of possible allergenicity, scientists believe that GM foods do not present a risk to human health.Econ omic concerns Bringing a GM food to market is a lengthy and costly process, and of course agri-biotech companies wish to ensure a profitable elapse on their investment. Many new plant genetic engineering technologies and GM plants have been patented, and patent infringement is a big concern of agribusiness. Yet consumer advocates are worried that patenting these new plant varieties will raise the price of seeds so high that small farmers and third world countries will not be able to afford seeds for GM crops, thus widening the gap between the wealthy and the poor.It is hoped that in a add-on gesture, more companies and non-profits will follow the lead of the Rockefeller Foundation and offer their products at reduced cost to impoverished nations. Patent enforcement may also be difficult, as the contention of the farmers that they involuntarily grew Monsanto-engineered strains when their crops were cross-pollinated shows. One way to besiege possible patent infringement is to introd uce a suicide gene into GM plants. These plants would be workable for only one growing season and would produce sterile seeds that do not germinate.Farmers would need to debauch a fresh supply of seeds each year. However, this would be financially disastrous for farmers in third world countries who cannot afford to buy seed each year and traditionally set aside a dower of their harvest to plant in the next growing season. In an open letter to the public, Monsanto has pledged to abandon all research using this suicide gene technology35. How are GM foods regulated and what is the governments role in this process? Governments around the world are hard at work to establish a regulatory process to monitor the effects of and approve new varieties of GM plants.Yet depending on the political, social and economic climate within a region or country, different governments are responding in different ways. In Japan, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced that health testing of GM fo ods will be mandatory as of April 200136, 37. Currently, testing of GM foods is voluntary. Japanese supermarkets are offering both GM foods and unmodified foods, and customers are beginning to show a strong preference for unmodified fruits and vegetables.Indias government has not yet announced a policy on GM foods because no GM crops are grown in India and no products are commercially available in supermarkets yet38. India is, however, very supportive of transgenic plant research. It is highly likely that India will settle down that the benefits of GM foods outweigh the risks because Indian agriculture will need to adopt drastic new measures to check the countrys endemic poverty and feed its exploding population.Some states in Brazil have banned GM crops entirely, and the Brazilian Institute for the Defense of Consumers, in collaboration with Greenpeace, has filed suit to prevent the importation of GM crops39,. Brazilian farmers, however, have resorted to smuggling GM soybean seed s into the country because they fear economic harm if they are unable to deal in the global marketplace with other grain-exporting countries.

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The Jeremy Kyle Show Essay Example for Free

The Jeremy Kyle Show EssayAn odd looking yoke, both(prenominal) of whom look as though they could have stepped straight forth of the set of Little Britain, sit on an open stage while a bunch of adults sit gawping at them as if they were animals in the zoo. The couple who argon so wrapped up in an argument that has been supposedly been going on for 2 years, hardly get hold the focus that Jeremy Kyle himself is finding it hard to restrain himself from screaming at them to force them to listen. His seventh cranial nerve expression tells of the right smart he is allowing the couple to grow up and stop acting homogeneous spoilt children.Security guards hide in the wings, ready and waiting to jump in at all moment when the arguing gets out of hand, more or lessthing that they are riding habitd to doing on a daily basis. The audience shuttlecock as the male half of the couple begins to share his side of the story, whilst the woman sits, holding a thread to her eyes. Jerem y steps in front of the couple and orders them to be quiet, before beginning his long, rambling speech astir(predicate) how the couple should be ashamed of themselves for the way that they are acting.This may sound resembling roughly gracious of outrageous scene from a television soap, but in actual occurrence it is an everyday biticular on a chat show shown daily on ITV. Said to be a way to help resolve family feuds and ridiculous problems, The Jeremy Kyle show can only be described as a place for people to hang their dirty washing out to dry. Some of the stories featured include things as ludicrous as Confess youre a cheat or Ill prove Im the father of your first daughter and Can you prove your sons my brother? This is just a couple of the mad stories that perish bug out of the programme. Some are so unbelievable youd recover that they had been made up, just for entertainment. The real horror of it is that the pommel of it all doesnt come from the guests, but from Jere my himself. His snide comments and the way that he reacts to the several(predicate) people he meets is awful. He encourages the audience to boo or cheer at people, which surely isnt going to help his problemed guests. The so called advice that he gives usually causes more harm than good and is often the centre of many arguments.Always through his stern, salutary words, there was the glint in his eyes that gave away that this was TV gold and he knew it. Theres no way that this man set out to actually help the people who feature on his programme, more belike that he was out for the money. The way that the show is so obviously rehearsed beforehand doesnt stop the hundreds of people dread(a) for five minutes of fame from becoming part of this sham. People seem to become drawn into this circus and become fixated on becoming part of it.Jeremy himself advertises getting onto the programme by filling peoples heads with different scenarios, all as insane as each other, that the audience may have found themselves in, that they may want to use as a way to take part in the show. Jeremy sits, cross legged whilst reading out lists of problems looks relaxed and confident in front of the camera, obviously used to being in that kind of situation. His sophisticated way also lulls people into a false sense of security, thinking that going on this programmes really will help them to work out their ludicrous problems.Do people seriously believe and take notice of the rubbish that comes out of this mans mouth? The answer is yes, people do. Quite why, is unknown but they do. They seem to think that this man actually knows what hes talking about and that the advice he gives is actually worth listening to. The way some people carry on about this programme would have you thinking that it was a quality and utilizable thing to watch A gathering of bored and easily lead people who take part in it the show or opt to be in the audience are gathered from different areas in the UK all w ith different opinions to add to what is going on.The way that the programme is advertised is deceptive, therefore some people must be lulled into a false impression that it could help them, when in actual fact it will most likely cause more harm than good. Overall, all that can be express for the Jeremy Kyle Show is that it is a huge deception. Said to solve any type of family problem, it actually fuels family feuds rather than resolves them. When are people actually going to learn that to sort out their life, applying to a television programme like this really isnt going to help?

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Security Requirements & Possible Risks Essay Example for Free

Security Requirements thinkable Risks EssayHuffman trucking, an established trucking community since 1936, has recently requested the implementation of a new Benefits Elections dust to assist management in tracking and reporting the benefits of both union and non-union employees. A database system give be utilized to store critical data such as employee reading, along with the benefit pile of their choosing. Storing such teaching requires necessary surety system measures to be in place to fix the total shelter of the data within. The risks associated with storing critical information must(prenominal) overly be thoroughly addressed so Huffman Trucking female genital organ come apart effective action plans to prevent potential threats from hurting the organization. Regardless of the storage method when discourse critical information, security measures must be implemented to effectively protect the data, as well as the company assets from potential threats such a s theft or litigation.Security RequirementsWhen it comes to effectively protecting company data, any organization has the great responsibility to identify as well as implement security policies, values, strategies, processes, procedures, and best practices to fully ensure data safeguard, as well as ensure that organizational goals and objectives be continu whollyy being met (Reiner, 2008). The information that allow for be stored within the Huffman Trucking database allow include employee names, neighborly security turns, birthdates, etc. The loss of such data can ultimately not just harm the employee, but the organization as a whole. In an effort to fall and/or eliminate such risks, security requisites for the Benefits Elections System should include firewall security, encryption, and word protection and renewal.Firewall security is an absolute necessary security requirement to effectively protect the database from malicious attacks such as hackers. Firewall security refer s to a communicate device that will block certain types of network traffic, forming a barricade between a trusted and an untrusted network ( dingle, 2013). The purpose of this security measure is to prevent the spread of computer attacks by blocking entranceway to information from unauthorized sources. Due to the amount of sensitive data that will be stored within the system, it is recommended that the firewalls should be configure to support the default-deny policy, in which the allowed network services are listed, and everything else is denied (Dell, 2013).The use of encryption will also enhance the security of the information that will be stored within the Benefits Elections System. Encryption is a simple security measure that will distort the information contained within an employee file so that it can be viewed only by the authorized users who give the good encryption key to decipher it. Much like firewall security, it will block unauthorized users from accessing confidenti al information by making the data im viable to view.Password protection and renewal are crucial security measures that must be enforced by Huffman Trucking to ensure the protection of data stored within the Benefits Elections System. Authorized users should protect their passwords at all costs un defend passwords trust critical data defenseless to access by unauthorized users. Recommendations to ensure a password is protected include * Password length A password should alship canal be at least eight characters long.* Complexity Make a password as complex as possible by use a variety of letters, numbers, symbols and punctuations. The more complex the password, the better protected it is. * Variation Change a password at least every three months, if not more. * Variety Use different passwords for different accounts. never use the same password for everything. * Confidentiality Never share or write down a password. penning down or sharing a password leaves critical data vulnerable in ways that most people can never imagine.The ability of an organization to renew passwords frequently is a probative step towards enhanced data protection (Brown, 2010). To enhance the effectiveness of password renewal, system users should not confuse the ability to use previous passwords when renewing the current ones. Implementing password renewal on the Benefits Elections System will ensure security measures are continually enforced, especially in the event that if an unauthorized user were to draw access to the system, the password would only be good for a specific length of time earlier it will be changed. Possible RisksRisk is a term that most people, as well as organizations, are familiar with. Risk can be defined as the probability of any possible threat turning into a disaster, which is why significant measures are often taken to reduce and/or eliminate such possibilities. By utilizing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), Huffman Truck ing can effectively restrict the vulnerabilities associated with implementing a Benefits Elections System, and develop action plans to correct the vulnerabilities to prevent the risks from becoming reality. Several risks are often associated with the implementation of a new system, however, the main risks that must be considered by Huffman Trucking include database corruption, human error, and hacking and former(a) malicious attacks.Database corruption is likely the most common cause of data loss within an information system (Mulvey, 2006). Database corruption damages the database and impairs functionality. Memory errors, network errors, office glitches, PC crashing when the database is open are all examples of incidences that can lead to database corruption. Data corruption is unfortunately inevitable however, there are several practices that can be done to avoid such a threat. These practices include, but are not limited to * Ensuring the network is set up comelyly.* Running Sc andisk and Defrag often to ensure hard disk functionality. * Refraining from using databases during thunderstorms to avoid power glitches. * Ensuring the database is implemented correctly, and is ready to be utilized by all system users.Human error is by chance one of the biggest threats that can lead to data corruption. It is important to keep in mind that the greater the number of system users of the Benefits Elections System, the more chances there are for crucial information to be leaked or mishandled. Taking the proper precautions to safeguard the data (this should include a thorough training after system implementation) to ensure the information is appropriately handled at all times is vital to the well-being of both the employees, as well as the organization.Given the amount of sensitive information that will be stored within the Benefits Elections System, it is obvious that Huffman Trucking must be aware that cyber-criminals will try to gain access to such data should it be left unprotected. Breaking into information systems for malicious intent is something that has made security what it is today thorough and inflexible.Hackers are quick-witted nowadays they can make use of a number of tools and techniques to grant them access to information, which can have damaging effects on the victim(s). The possibilities of what a cyber-criminal will do once he or she has access to sensitive information are endless however, one thing is for sure the victim(s) could virtually lose everything. Without the proper security measures that were previously mentioned in place, the Benefits Elections System will be vulnerable to hackers and other malicious attacks.good examining the potential risks with the implementation of any information system will allow an organization to effectively develop action plans and enforce the necessary security measures required to reduce and/or eliminate such risks. A thorough and effective risk analysis will demonstrate how firewall se curity, encryption, and password protection can reduce the risks of database corruption and malicious attacks. Like any information system, the Benefits Elections System will prove to be vulnerable to potential threats if not protected at all costs.ReferencesBrown, T. (2010). Protecting Organizations Most Critical Data with let Password Management. New York, NY Auerbach Publications . Dell. (2013). Retrieved from http//www.secureworks.com/resources/articles/other_articles/firewall-security/ Mulvey, A. (2006). QA Database Corruption. Retrieved from

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The Value of Early Marriage in Islam Essay Example for Free

The Value of Early Marriage in Islam EssayBecause of Islams great love for marriage, it has strongly forceful that people get married as briefly as possible. This is more than so for women, and the Prophet (s) and Imams (as) welcome strongly emphasized that it is the responsibility of a vex to ensure that his daughters occasion married as soon as possible. This is in order so that the wo service man may not fall into fornication as a result of not being able to marry, and that this very important part of her life run dealt with as soon as possible. We see this reflected in the following ahadeeth1.It is a blessing for a man that his daughter does not menstruate in his home.1 2.The Prophet (s) state in a khutbah Jibrail came to me from the Subtle and aw be(predicate) one Allah (swt), and said Indeed, virgin missys be like harvest-feast on a tree. When you make do the fruit from a tree, whence you do not open to fear that the sun will spoil it or that the wind will s catter it away. Similar is the case when a women is taken in the way that they atomic number 18 taken meaning marriage. There is no remedy for this problem except that they take a keep up, and if they do not, past one will have to fear that they will become corrupted. Beyond this, Islam also believes that women have a stronger sexual urge then men, and that this urge should be satisfied at an archaeozoic age. There argon many another(prenominal) narrations, from both Sunni and Shia sources, that state that women have ix times as much sexual require as men1.Imam Ali (as) said Allah the Mighty and Glorified has created desire in ten parts nine of these parts are in women, and one part is in men. Had not Allah (swt) minded(p) more personnel to her modesty than over these parts of desire, then every man would find himself with nine women attached to him. 2.Imam as-Sadiq (as) said Indeed, Allah the Mighty and Glorious has given women the patience of ten men. If a char is fight ing with you, then it is because she has been given the desire of ten men. 3.Imam as-Sadiq (as) said Women have been rejoiced with ninety nine percent of desire, however Allah has determined modesty over them.As such, when a girl is younker, this force will be even stronger in her, and so it is more important that she not fall into sin. If a father is to be considered the guardian of his daughter, then it is one of his duties to slay sure that she does not fall into sin by using his age and fuck off to patron find for her a proper husband at an early age. It is even said of slave-masters that they should both marry their slave girls or find husband for them, and that if they fornicate, the sin will be on himself.However, Muslims have tended to forget this teaching of the Prophets (s) and Imams (as). The growth of a middle-class throughout the Muslim world has led families to become more concerned with their daughters education and work then with their spiritual life, and fear that if they marry their daughters at an early age, the girls will not be able to comp permite their education. Even if this were true, it would still be inexcusable to make it difficult for young girls to get married, for then one will be putting pressure on them to fornicate. The fact is that it is not true that girls will somehow fail in life if they marry at an early age. A woman can balance the demands of her marital life and her educational/professional life, and should be allowed and pushd to do so.It is important, as well, that as girls enter adolescence, that Islam is not being used as a barrier upon them enjoying their life and fulfilling themselves sexually. When Muslim families put pressure on their daughters not to marry and seek to confiscate them from this blessing of marriage, it is only when natural that many young women will turn against practices like hijab and other aspects of Islam. miss of satisfaction in the area of sex will lead to depression and frustra tion, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Parents should not only allow their daughters freedom in this regard, but should actively encourage them.The fact is that young men and women will usually get together anyways, and a young woman may very well connect with a young man whose morals and character are less than satisfactory. By families openly involving themselves in this aspect of their daughters life from an early age, they can not only help their daughters to quickly find what they need in terms of their love life, but also help to guide their daughters to a marriage that will be beneficial for her, both emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When the parents refuse to help, however, then they are leaving their daughter to her own devices in finding a path to dealing with her sexuality. She may keep back herself until her family allows her to marry, or she may not. But at that stage, the family will not play any role in that determination one way or the other .It is also the obligation of the family to make it easy for a husband to marry his daughter, and not place the kind of absurd demands upon a prospective husband that are make now. Filled by love of dunya, many families will only marry their daughter to a productive man with a PhD or several degrees in engineering or what have you. This, even more than the restrictions they place on their own daughters, creates a noble barrier on a young woman getting married, as it makes it unattainable for her to find somebody similar in age. Enormous dowries are another(prenominal) source of fitna in this regard, and this practice has been condemned in the ahadeeth1.The Prophet (s) said The best of womenare those who ask for low dories. 2.Imam as-Sadiq (as) states The blessed of women are those who ask for small sprightliness expenses, and the evil of them are those who are demanding in terms of living expenses.The practice of large dowries is even more haram, however, because it is almost al ways done for the sake of show at bottom the community, which is a form of shirkthat is most condemned in Islam. We see that, tragically, many families are willing to sacrifice the triumph of their daughter during her adolescence for the sake of their appearance in the community. It is interesting to note that most cases of huge dowry, the daughter had no interest in a large dowry. She would ask for something extremely small, or even want to cast it altogether. But then the family steps in and demands thousands upon thousands of dollars in dowry, and then forces the daughter to make a decision between her husband-to-be and her family.Usually she will choose the family, especially since the family will make all manner of threats around what will happen if she goes ahead with a marriage they dont approve of (Your uncle in Pakistan will kill himself, your father will lose his job, etc., etc., etc.) Nothing could be more reprehensible than for families to blackmail their daughters i n this way, and it is a terrible cause of fitna amongst the youth. We see that someulama in Iran today, such as Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini, have been very strong in objurgate this practice, for they have seen how harmful it is to the spiritual state of the youth.Many famlies are under the deluded impression that if they make it impossible for their daughters to marry that the girls will simply sit tight until the permission and possibility of marriage comes. Certainly many do but of course, as is human nature, many dont. It is entirely possible that the sin of fornication may fall upon the heads of the people who prevented the young from marrying, rather than the young themselves. There is a story that a man was brought to Imam Ali (as) to be punished for fornication. He asked the man if he had been able to marry, and the man said that goose egg would allow him to marry, nor did he have the money to purchase a slave girl. Imam Ali (as) then let him go. The authenticity of this story is not verified, but the import remains that a society that makes it impossible for the young to satisfy themselves sexually is responsible for the fornication that inevitably results.If the young cannot receive the blessing and assistance of their parents in this regard, then it is their duty to rebel against these pressures. We have discussed, elsewhere, the fact that it is not obligatory for a mature girl to seek the permission of her parents to marry, but merely recommended. A system of culture and overly conservative decree has combined to place barriers on the young, and the only way to break through this is for the young to, quite simply, rebel, and take the matter of marriage into their own hands. It is the right of every mature and sound-minded person to marry, and marriage is one of the sterling(prenominal) blessings of Islam. If the older generation are not willing to accept this fact, than it is upon the younger generation to break the set up that have been set upon t hem.

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Environmental analysis Essay Example for Free

Environmental analysis EssayRivalry Competition in the US moving picture term of a contract industry is fierce. There atomic number 18 actu entirelyy several diffe blood segments of players deep down the industry, like term of a contracts who establish physical store locations and rentals who serve mail-orders, but these different segments are competing to gain the similar market make out. smash hit reveled that the business actually has a small salary margin, due to the high approach of building and equipment maintenance. Further more, the moving-picture show rental industry has a stagnant market condition, or in easy words, the market does not reveal any meaningful growth indoors the years. This means the only steering to grow is by taking a flair a piece of competitors market share. Thus, competition is s full issue for Blockbuster because in one hand, the company give the gatenot afford to loose more market share due to its minimum profit margin, and in the othe r hand, Blockbuster would too contend to experience almost(a) kind of revenue growth. Ironically, competitors of Blockbuster also possess the same obsession. As a result, price state of war is the only way to determine which player would lead the market.Unfortunately, most of the players in the industry has already nutrify heavy operational and maintenance that they cannot afford to reduce rental prices. In addition, most of these players have also minimum promotion budget because of the small profit margin. Today, competition industry enters a stage where all the players are stagnant in most of its departments (Brem, 2002).Not all movie rental industry can survive in a long term, especially if the industry is online. With the recent tightening in the market, some executive and investor are challenging Blockbuster.com to show some results higher revenues, more customers, perhaps even a profit. This is should become tough news for Blockbuster. com who have spent most of their mo ney on expensive advertisements, PR campaigns, or websites that look attractive.The full integration of Blockbuster. com online and in-store programs planned for next year allow for enable them to get out their customers, young and old, with unmatched convenience, service, selection and value. If a customer is in their store and wants to return a movie they rented online, Blockbuster.com give be able to accommodate them.If a member rents primarily in-store, but wants a hard-to-find championship Blockbuster. com does not typically carry in store, they volition be able to go online and get it. It is a matter of maximizing convenience and choice (About Blockbuster. com, 2006). Blockbuster has not been watching these developments lazily. It has launched its own online rental service in response to the competition, despite the set-up costs and the fact that it could take revenue away from its retail operation.It has also introduced a number of initiatives, much(prenominal) as a pa rt-exchange deal on VHS tapes, and is currently exploring whirl an in-store download service. Buyer Power Due to the stagnant market and the need for huge economies of scale to nominate profit, buyers of the video rental industry has sort of an influential power. In a nutshell, by choosing to go to which rentals, buyers will determine which one will reach profit within the financial period and which one will fall below targets. The increasing use of Internet becomes the power of buyers that soon force Blockbuster to raise online services.To change itself from a zone of movie rental store into an anywhere-anytime entertainment destination that eventually will enable customers to rent, buy or trade movies and games, new or used, in-store and online, Blockbuster initiatives to continues their accomplishment as the online rental service company (Blockbuster goes broadband, streams movies to TV, 2001). Blockbuster. com becomes the business with information technology (I. T. ) marke ting. Because of the online marketing Blockbuster can live and breathe.They can get more competitive, lower their costs, and provide better service through continuous improvement of the I. T. marketing (BBI Profile for BLOCKBUSTER INC. , 2006). However, as online retail, marketing efforts of Blockbuster. com could be even more effective if they asked the consumer for a dash of personal information. So far, businesses were hoping that personalization technology would serve as the equivalent of a best friend who just happened to have all the same tastes in carrefours and services. More consumers are choosing to rent online, which has no late fees and have the movies mailed to them.It makes Blockbuster. com has increased their membership (Blockbuster goes broadband, streams movies to TV, 2001). The only way for movie-rental stores to continue operations is to rise to the challenge and shift their business model to stay unimaginative. To develop a substantial share of the online renta l business by the end of next year, Blockbuster. com is providing rental plan and their practical understanding marketing. It should help Blockbuster. com to be more successful in the next period. Movie distributors and the large chains, such as Blockbuster, Inc.directly negotiate revenue-sharing agreements covering most titles distributed by the upstream (BBI Profile for BLOCKBUSTER INC. , 2006).Personalization and community features are very important. Blockbuster. com should allow film fans to rate films and write reviews to help inform other users. In addition, Blockbuster. com need to have a management team with bags of expertise, which they believe differentiates us from the competition. Supplier Power Suppliers of the industry by and large have little power over the Blockbuster.The prices of inputs are nearly identical for most suppliers and there is no price discrimination because of the widely available substitutes. Threats of Substitutes The video rental industry is act ually facing quite significant threats from various substitutes. Examples of substitutes are pay-per-view, video-on-demand, streaming on-line videos, etc. All of these alternatives are delivering the same product in a quite similar quality, which means that they contribute notably to the tension within the video rental industry (Videotape Rental, 2004).Barriers of EntryAnalysis of the industry indicated that Blockbuster is actually enjoying significant level of launch barriers. First, as mentioned earlier, the industry generally has a small profit margin, which means that a huge economic of scale is required to create a profitable business. This is caused by the high operational and maintenance costs, profit sharing agreement with studios, etc. Second, Blockbuster enjoyed a positive image due to its long-time presence and its popularity within the US market. Both of these factors ensured the triumph of Blockbuster against any newcomer.Most of these conditions however, are now beco ming obsolete. This is confessedly partly due to the presence of internet. As internet shopping becomes more popular, mail-order rentals like Netflix gain famous attention from the market. In addition, Blockbuster made the mistake of not providing enough copies of popular and recent movies, which at long last get customers to think of going to alternative rentals. Another factor that reduces the entry barrier is the popularity of DCDs over the old VHS which no longer require negotiating revenue gain agreements with studios (Brem, 2002 Wagner, 2003).