Thursday, April 18, 2019

Juvenile Offenders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

teenage Offenders - Essay ExampleAs the discussion outlines from a cost-benefit point of view, it makes sense to terminate the probation period. There are many cost associated with running intervention programs such as probation. Evidence shows that the defendant has reformed and is no longer a threat to the society. An early release willing help reduce the costs associated with monitor him during the probation period. It is therefore sensible to allow the defendant to integrate into the community and use the available resources to help different individuals through such intervention programs. The damages caused by the defendant are quite enormous, but these costs cannot be compared to the overall costs incurred by tax payers in financing such programs. By relinquish the defendant, the court will send a message to the entire country and the world on the wideness of saving costs through early termination of probation. There are many juvenile offenders who cleverness be in a sim ilar situation, and if this is applied to all, the country will save on these costs. This get word highlights that the defendant, being only a 17-yealr old boy, is yet to complete school and start pulping his life. It is the craving of every citizen to see young men and women grow into mature and responsible adults. Termination of the probation period will help in achieving this. It will give the defendant enough time for his studies, and engage in income generating activities. However, by keeping him on probation, the defendant wastes precious time doing community service and other probation-related activities. Under the flowing circumstances, the probation period already served by the defendant appears to have yielded the desired result, and therefore it is important to allow him to build his life.

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