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Teamwork in CommuniCo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Teamwork in CommuniCo - Essay ExampleThe quality of the use of these studies is due to thediversityin dealing with squadcomponents. Katzenbach and Smiths (1999, p. 13) read mainly deals with the establishment of the members as one single unit, while Belbins study mainly deals with dealing on improving the functioning of the individuals inwardly the squad. Individualsdevelopon their own towards the makeup of the whole teams progression in causeance and achievement of goals. The two studies both lead to the effective improvement in performance within the team. Iaimat proving them through a combination of the two techniques. This would lead to the best teamimprovementmethodboth in performance and achievement. This would create a statewhere thetechniqueis improving the state of the individuals within the team each as a, separate,independent soul. This brings out their abilities while, at the same time, it brings about awayin which theteamimproves as a whole. This is in terms of t heir strengths and abilities as a team working together towards that goal. Katzenbach and Smith (1999 p. 32) define team work as the performance of an action by a team towards the achievement of a common purpose. A team comprises of more than one person of whom each ideally holds different responsibilities in the performance of the action. ... The use ofteamwork has various advantages to firms such as, the quick completion of tasks or problems. Here, challenges get exposed to a widevarietyof knowledge. Morale and ownership among the different individuals in different tasks boosts through participative decision making and, as a result,effectiveresults got from this. consort to Belbin ateamrefers to a group of individuals, in which each has a role understood by other partners. The different individuals in a teamlocatevarious positions within the team and perform exceptionally effectively in those that arenaturalor that are common (Herbert, 1994 p. 13). He pass ondefined as thetermt eamroleas thetendencytocontribute, interrelate andtreatwith others in a way. He mentions nine suchteamroles that underlie team success. Belbins team roles implies in the credit of different peoples behavioral strengths and weaknesses in the performance of authorizedtasks in the achievement ofcertaingoals. Such identification of these strengths and weaknesses is useful in the aid recruitment process, mutual trust and understanding, to build full-bodiedworking relationships and the selection and development of high performing teams. It is these nine roles that Belbin establishes as the best modes of improvingteamwork within firms and organizations. This ensures the achievement of set goals in the bestmodepossible. According to Katzenbach and Smith (1999)studyon teamwork focuses on various aspects such as the sense of purpose within the team members. on that point should be a deeper sense of purpose for the achievement of the desired results. This implies that all members feel individ ual amenable and

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