Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Canadas tried to remove assurances that Canada would support its allies in future wars, but failed. In 1921, Canadas population was somewhat 9 million citizens from which the majority was English Canadians. Canada was troubled by the lack of unity with its people. Disagreements and arguments arose that interfere governments policies Many French Canadians wanted to differentiate Quebec from the rest of Canada. In the general elections held in 1921, the liberal Party held the most seats and won the elections. The liberal party was led by Mackenzie King. Mackenzie King served as a prime minister of Canada three times from 1921 to 1926, 1926 to 1930, and 1935 to 1948. He worked to improve Canadian self-government in foreign relations and to unite English and French Canadians. J.S Woodsworth together with William Irvine won seats in the Canadian Parliament. Together they wanted churches in Canada and that the government to become more active on such neighborly issues as alcohol abuse, the hardship of immigrants, labor conditions, poverty and prostitution. Canada was asked and other dominions to send troops to help participate to help the British to hold a spotlight at the Turkish port in Chanak. Canada disagreed to support Britain in the potential war with Turkey. First time, Canada did not automatically support Britain in war. In the over-embellished Conference in London, Mackenzie King eager for having a common foreign rule for all the British Empire. In 1923 Canada signed freely with the U.S. the halibut conformity to control fishing in the Atlantic, pacific oceans and the Great Lakes. First time, Canada signed a treaty without including Britain. At the Imperial Conference Canada was allowed to sign treaties on i... ...the Canadian confederation in 1949. 1972, British citizens living in Canada are no longer able to vote in the Canadian elections. Canadian medals for military courage, prowess and valor were created and given. 1980, the Canadian national an them was created. Dominion day is renamed Canada Day 2004, letter of credibility from foreign ambassadors are now formally addressed to the governor general of Canada. 1982,Constitution act is revised No longer can the British parliament make changes in Canadas constitution. In 1925 Mackenzie King made his depression idea for the national sag of Canada, it was very hard to get an approval, agreement among all. In 1946, King selected a parliamentary committee to choose a flag design. On Feb, 15, 1965 Canada had its own national flag. Union Jack was Canadas unofficial national flag, it was Britains flag

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