Monday, June 17, 2019

Create Research Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Create Research Questions - Essay ExampleThe investigate questions that allow be looked at in this article will focus on the proposals that were produced by Padgett with more emphasis on what should be expected in future research studies in this field. One of the research proposals focused on a study of treatment related and substance related outcomes found on the 48 month study conducted on the housing first and treatment first program for the homeless people suffering from severe mental illness (Padget, 2006). The main mystify of the study was to determine whether the findings of the previous studies can be sustained or they may end up changing after some period of time. In order to look at what should be expected in the future, the following research questions will be addressedThe research questions above reflect on some aspects that were discussed by Padget (2004) in her proposals based on the studies that were conducted. In order for a research methodology to be selected th ere is need to carefully grade up on the research questions so as to ascertain the nature of the methodology to be used. In this human face a qualitative methodology will be more appropriate based on the fact that empirical materials will be collected to in order to carry out the study.With regards to the case study on the homeless people suffering with severe mental illness the appropriate method of collecting data for the this study will be through sampling and recruitment. Participants will be chosen based on selected criteria after which audiences will be conducted on each respective participant in order to collect their findings. It is well noted that the approval of each participant greatly considered before pushing forward with the research study. A structured interview will be best suited in carrying out the research study and thus the research questions will be analysed in detail based on the response of

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