Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hospitality Management Industries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Hospitality Management Industries - Essay ExampleThe owners of these multi- heathenish restaurants employ restaurant concept known as The Whole World on a Plate concept to run and manage their businesses. This paper, therefore, describes the various components of The all globe on a plate concept, and how it resonates with my personality.The whole world on a plate concept provides a strategy of pilling flavors from different ethnic communities onto a single plate (Enz 67). While many Americans motionlessness seek spicy food, it is a fact that the American cuisine taste has been significantly influenced by Old European cuisines like Greek, German, French and Scandinavian (Enz 67). This has take to greater popularity and recognition of many ethnic foods, in most American societies. About 75 percent of Americans is familiar with Indian soul food, Spanish cuisines, Chinese cuisines, French Creole, and German Cajun, amongst other ethnic dishes. The evolving taste of Americans has crea ted a demand for mixed flavors onto a single dish. In this case, different ethnic dish argon carefully mixed, in small potions, and served as a single dish. A bite of tarragon mayonnaise, carrot kimchee, and a sandwich of chipotle pork chop burnt-out with sugar glaze, from these restaurants, leaves a flavor of nixed tastes (Enz 74). Some of the dishes served in these restaurants include Berry pies from England, rice pudding from Germany, pasta salad from New York, and Russian apple pie (Enz 73).The whole world on a plate concept is mostly applicable for running Casual Restaurants. This is because the mode of serving is casual and the dishes served are cheap. However, buffet style work are deliverable upon request (Enz 116). Casual restaurants cater for both clientele, who dine at the up market, and those who are regulars at the fast food joints. This positions restaurants serving ethnic dishes between fast food joints and up market restaurants. The

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