Monday, June 10, 2019

How do you define violent crime illistrate with examples Essay

How do you define violent iniquity illistrate with examples - Essay archetypeIt also looks into the social reaction and impacts of crime (Newburn 2007). The study looks at the criminals themselves. The term criminology is borrowed from R. Garofalo, an Italian law scholar. Criminologists are involved in the study of criminals mindset. The aim is to come across what motivates the criminals (Nexis UK 2003). Certain things may be crimes in one society but licit in another. A criminologist explains these social and cultural variances. Criminology explores the various types of punishments and why close to societies opt to have them (Newburn 2007).This study embarrasss a study of that suggest why crimes are committed. This is necessary in understanding violent crimes. Some of the violent crimes theories include classical, soul trait and positive theories (Singer & Gardner 2003). Classical theory suggests the reason why lot commit a crime is because they are satisfied that the benefi ts of the crime outdo the cost. When the punishment is harsh, then criminals fear committing the crime according to this theory (Nexis UK 2003). According to the positive theory, crime happens out of both internal and external factors. The social and biological factors top to the positive theory (Singer & Gardner 2003). Some of the social factors that contribute to crime include poverty and illiteracy. Individual trait theory suggests that the psychological and biological factors contribute directly to criminal behavior. According to this theory, biological factors help to distinguish between non criminal and criminal traits (Newburn 2007). Crime, therefore, is a result of natural instincts arising from innate behaviors according to individual trait theory. therefore, this theory suggests that some people have a natural desire to do violent crimes. According to individual trait theory, such people love to be violent genetically. As a result, no amount of punishment can control th eir violent tendencies (Nexis UK 2003). Limiting interaction with these violent criminals becomes the all way to prevent these crimes. According to individual traits theory, violent criminals should be alienated from the society. bowelless crimes can result from extremum emotions like rage or hate. These extreme emotional states can be directed to both people and animals. Sometimes it is demonstrated through kicking a dog. According to Weiner and Sagi (1990), a violent crime can be defined as any threat or attempt to use physical force by a single or many people resulting in non physical or physical harm (Nexis UK 2003). The definitions of violent crimes tend to include the cause of the crime. Violent crimes are thought to be actions directed to other people in a face to face confrontation. Many believe that there has to be physical contact for violent crimes to occur. Violent crimes may result from frustrations (Singer & Gardner 2003). However, violent crimes may be purposeful a nd intentional. Violent crimes can stem from socially acceptable and approved activities. Sports violent crimes are legal given the environmental circumstances in which they happen. According to Atyeo, the pain inflicted in sports is not perceived to be a real pain. Yet it fully travel under the definition of violent crimes (Newburn 2007). Boxing is seen as fun while the players injure each other leading to death in extreme cases. There is an observation that legitimizing violent sport crimes can cause athletes to be violent

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