Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Importance of Work-Life Balance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Importance of Work-Life Balance - Research Paper ExampleGiving the employees added benefits such as the installation of a gymnasium in the work facilities for the free use of the employees can enhance the work life balance of the staff. A third technique that can be used to improve the work life balance of employees is giving the workers extended pass duration every year. Instead of the industry measure of two weeks of vacation time, the firm can offer one month of vacation time per year. Vacations are important because people that suffer from recreation loss act crankier and the person becomes more critical of their co-workers (Reinhold, 2012).A few years ago I faced a tough family situation that required me to control time off work to help my family. I could not ask for vacations because a few months earlier I used up all my vacation time. I also could not afford to take an unpaid leave because I was in a tough economical situation as well. I talked to my supervisor about my p roblem. He told me that I was in luck because he could arrange for me to work flexible hours despite the fact that a flexible time program was not available at the firm yet.The careers paths of men and women are a great deal different due to gender issues and the different responsibilities societies impose on genders. Women often have tougher challenges in the workplace due to family responsibilities. After pregnancy the child is highly dependent on his mother. Women typically perform more shores and have higher(prenominal) house responsibilities than men. During the last 30 years the role of women has changed in the workplace (Erbschloe, 2009). Society has imposed on men a higher financial accountability over the home finances. Men consequently are expected to obtain better paying jobs which required a higher level of education. There is a lot of parity in the workplace among genders, but the glass ceiling has hurt the chances of women moving up the corporate ladder. In other par ts of the land such

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