Friday, June 14, 2019

Media Concentration and Control Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media Concentration and Control - Assignment ExampleIn the when corporations are aiming to paint themselves as wide corporate citizens, one cannot avoid questioning the extent to which the information fed to the general public is censored. Consequently, it would be rational for the government to limit the level of niggardness of media ownership for the best interest of the public. This paper explores the reasons why the government should limit the concentration of media ownership, incorporating the views of various researchers.Concentrated media ownership kills social justice and democracy. Freedman (2014) declared that the Mexican students protested against two major TV channels that had the most influence in the media. Kawashima (2011) argues that the concentrated media ownership is anti-democratic as it restricts cultural diversity and does not forego citizens to make informed decisions and exchange ideas that are important to their public life. Furthermore, Hasmondhalgh (2012) and Baker (2007) argue that media is a cultural industry. Thus, if the power is intensified in few groups, it go out transform the cultural industries to capital accumulation firms. This, in turn, can exploit creative labour. Freedman (2014) asserted that the government should not make any bare arrangements to protect the media ownership. Murdoch (2009) argued that media are like any other organisation where if the public does not like the service or the product, it fails. Therefore, the special protection of media services or the media concentration is against the basic principles of free market. Baker (2009) supported the argument of media diversity through a normative theory of democracy that suggests the authority should be controlled by public opinion. The media concentration process controls the public opinion. Thus, Baker (2009) suggests that not only the media should diversify in terms of the number of media channels but also the sources of media. different media would p ush for the overall benefit of the entire society unlike concentration, which works in the best interest of a few individuals pursuing similar goals.

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