Saturday, June 8, 2019

See the description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

See the description - Essay ExampleAs a start, it is cardinal to define what is meant by stereotyping. A stereotype is the creation of a biased view or assumption about a certain ethnic, religious, or social group. In other words, an individual will take the behavior of one person and state that every(prenominal) lot belonging to that particular group accept in the same manner.The problem with stereotyping is that it encourages people to react and behave in a manner that is both judg mental and biased.The first common stereotyping inference people have about Moslems is that they be extremists and terrorists. Moslems are seen as the most common source of terrorism and senseless violence. Besides, Moslems are also viewed as worshippers of an alien deity, who are intolerant of other religions and eager to use physical force to expand Islam. In addition, another negative assumption that people have about Islam is related to the Moslems view towards women. Most of the western world unjustly believes that Islam subjects women to harsh and demeaning discrimination and puts them in a status inferior to men.On the other hand, many another(prenominal) western countries identify Moslems as persons who have many physical traits in common, concerning shape and dress. For instance, many people view Moslems as grim bearded men who wear robes and turbans. The negative image the West has about Moslems affect the way they treat Moslem residents in their lands. In many cases, Moslems in foreign countries adjoin from extreme cases of discrimination and suppression. One of the Islamic practices that is fought and suppressed by the West is the veil of Moslem women. The veil or Hijab is the Islamic dress for females, which requires women to cover all their bodies, except their faces and hands. Moslem women are ordered by God to wear this kind of dress whenever they get out from their homes. So, the majority of Moslem women abides by this rule, and

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