Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Civil war Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Civil war - Case Study Example Q1. The scramble for Africa incorporated the entrance of African slave traders into African interior. The countries that were primary colonizers of Africa included the French and the British. Enlightenment, new science, and industrial revolution influenced Europeans regard for Africa by the superior military in machine guns and a colony of boundaries drawn in the exploitation of tribal, religious and linguistic differences. Q1. The significance of Haitian revolution is that it became the second republic in W. Hemisphere. Haitian constitution of 1801 reflects enlightenment by Article 29, which states in future each governor names after five years and allowed to continue after every five years if overseen by the proper administration. On the other hand, it does not reflect the enlightenment through since Article 5 does not exist distinctions other than those based on virtues and talents (Carnes 15). Q2. The significance of Monroe Doctrine 1823 was the assortment if itself as the dominant force in Western Hemisphere. Roosevelt Corollary 1904 significance was financial involvement in Central and South American countries facing economic and political

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