Friday, July 26, 2019

Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Marketing - Assignment Example â€Å"Since Havaianas emerged from its reinvention strategy in 1994, sales have been growing by a steady 8 percent each year. In 2008 the company sold 184 million pairs of its now famous rubber sandal, 25 million of which were sold outside Brazil. Inside Brazil, the company has achieved the amazing brand penetration rate of 850 pairs sold per 1000 inhabitants† (Havaianas, n.d.). The efforts of the company to build the strong image of the brand internationally took them number years to attain. Thus, the emerging imitations of Havaianas somehow thwart the good image of the brand. The deception that these imitations are giving to the consumers makes them believe that they will get the same value of the product in buying an authentic one. This act does not only transpire stealing the brands name and image but it also harms the consumers as they are not getting the value for their money spent. Also, Havaianas might have an image of delivering poor product because of the existing fa ke brands. This ethical dilemma in Havaianas marketing is something that will not be easily controlled as there are a lot of players in the industry today that had been imitating products one after the other.

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