Friday, August 23, 2019

Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources Research Paper

Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources - Research Paper Example ilable for the companies to fill the job vacancies if the H-2B visas prove inefficient, recommend the most efficient option and identify additional recruiting strategies. These companies can target local students who undertake careers related to the company activity. This motivates workers because they can enhance their career as well as earn (Engardio, 2006). Companies can also fill the job positions with workers with J-1 visa type. Most students from developing countries are looking for better paying jobs in developed countries such as the U.S. This is contrary to American students that prefer internships for the advancement of their careers over summer jobs. Additionally, the companies can outsource for Q-1 visa workers. This will provide opportunities for foreign nationals to work in the companies for 15 months after which the visa will expire. However, these workers may not be efficient to the companies because the Visas can only be renewed after workers have stayed for one year after the expiry. The best alternative strategy that companies can adopt is targeting international workers under Q-1 visas. These forms of visas allow workers to spend longer working periods in the host nation. This offers companies an opportunity to retain the most productive employees for longer periods, thereby improving efficiency. The longer visa life allows workers to attain the required experience leading to higher performance. The fixed employment period will also boost the worker morale because most of them will yearn to maximally utilize this period to achieve maximum benefits (Noe et al., 2009). This improves on productivity. The companies can also reduce costs related to frequent hiring of new seasonal workers. This is because Q-1 workers can even be available to serve for two peak periods before the visa expires. However, the requirement that the visa is only renewable after one year may inconvenience employers. High Sierra pools can rehire the past rejected

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