Monday, September 23, 2019

Globalization and Feminism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Globalization and Feminism - Essay Example The effects of globalization on the theories of feminism establish the relationship between the capital and gender, exploitation of the women workforce. Feminism has played a significant role in the process of globalization and economic progress all over the world. From the perspective of feminism, the phenomenon of globalization has led to the discrimination of gender in terms of control over capital and resources (Hawkesworth, 2006, p.37). The male sections of the society has dominated and gained control over the majority of resources, opportunities of livelihood and employment. There are, however, instances where the women have been able to grab the opportunities in the course of economic progress, a major section of the women labour force have lost control over their work in the process of globalization. Women have obtained job opportunities in the skilled areas of Information Technology, Computer software, etc, the semi and unskilled women labours, agricultural workers have lost their occupation to the forces of globalization. Discussion: globalization and feminism The theories of feminism are based primarily on two basic assumptions. ... On one side, when the increase in participation of women in the labour force have created job opportunities and provided a means of livelihood and independence to women, the women on the other hand has also been subjected to discrimination and humiliation. The women in the Middle-East are hired as working maids for the families in order to support the homemakers of the family. Thus the engagement of a woman labour for the help of another woman is an act of exploitation (Sarkar, 2007, p.5). The rise in the income level of the families due to the phenomenon of globalization has provided jobs to the women section of the society and at the same time increased their possibility of exploitation apart from providing them economic freedom. Globalization has produced new discourse in various field of occupation. The involvement of several sections of the society has produced new instances in the field of politics. The feminists believe that the phenomenon of globalization has not been able to produce a condition of equality among the men and the women. There have been various landmark initiatives in the political course of action like the increase in the number of women representatives in the parliament, activities for ensuring women rights, education and livelihood for women, etc. Although the economic and political scenario has changed in the process of globalization, the exploitation and the discrimination towards women have not changed to a great deal (Beneria, 2003, p.47). The process of globalization is challenged by the various political and social resistances. The cultural and religious roots of the society could not easily be transformed and the spread of economic activities as globalization

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