Saturday, September 14, 2019

Priyagold History Essay

After the research objectives have been specified (step 1) and the list of needed information has been prepared (step 2), the researcher should determine whether such information is already available, either in company records or in outside sources, certainly, the researcher should not collect data from the field until the appropriate secondary sources of information have been reviewed. If the needed information is not available from secondary sources, the researcher will have to collect data in the field, and so it will be necessary to design a data collection project. Researcher encounter many possible sources of error when designing a data collection project. Some of these include using a poor or inappropriate research design not using experimental designs where possible); using a large scale study instead of a small scale study, or vice versa; using poor experimental designs; and still others. To minimize the possible sources of error associated with designing a data collection project, the following five issues must be given attention first To a great extent, this issue is likely to be determining by the research objective and the situation leading to the request for research. Exploratory research is likely to be used when investigating a potential opportunity or problem and conclusive research is likely to be used when the research is likely to be used when the research findings are expected to result in specific decision being made or specific actions being taken.

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