Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Agreed-Upon Values that Are Lived by the Team in Twelve Angry Men Essay - 1

Agreed-Upon Values that Are Lived by the Team in Twelve Angry Men - Essay Example The team unanimously believes in this value and for that reason, it does share one aspect of a high performing team. It is expected that the team would perform well because all members agree that if the boy has committed the murder of his father, then he should be punished. However, the jury in order to punish the offender has to reach a unanimous decision. The vote of all the jurors should be either in favor or in disfavor of the death sentence. As a team, they need to reach one decision. Yes. The team does have a clear and attainable goal. The goal is to reach a vote where the tally is 9-0 and for this, they fight the entire story. For well-performing teams to function efficiently, they need to have the same vision and goal. While the vision of the team is the same and that is to reach the right decision. However, the team it seems is prejudiced from the beginning. Were it not for the case of reasonable doubt raised by Juror 8, the whole team would have reached the wrong decision. Hence the conflict raised by Juror 8 allowed the team to perform their duty with more responsibility and care. Otherwise, they would have reached the conclusion of awarding the boy a death sentence based on his background. The team does not have the skills and willingness to deal with the situation. They were ordinary members of the society and they have probably never given jury duty before. Most of them are also not willing to deal with the conflict. They want to reach the verdict as soon as possible because they want to resume their own normal life after the verdict. Because of the conflict created by Juror 8, the team members are quite willing to speak their mind. They openly criticize each other and at one point they even resort to personal criticism. They openly discussed the case and even play-acted the situation. However, this is unusual as the team had been formed for a short period of time.

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