Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Analysis and Action Plan for a Middle School Teacher of English Essay

Analysis and Action Plan for a Middle School Teacher of English Language Learners - Essay Example In this classroom, Mr. O’Malley tends to use the natural approach and English Language Development (ELD) in Maria’s case even though it was not successfully as she could not interact with others. The ELD strategy involves the use of systematic instructional strategy that is designed to enhance English acquisition by students to whom English is not the primary language (WIDA, 2012). In this case, the learners interact with each other. Mr. O’Malley made sure that Maria’s classmates assisted her and included her in every activity. The natural language acquisition process has the student developing basic communication skills first and focusses on fluency while speaking English in a social context. The heterogeneous grouping of the natural process was through ensuring that Maria got included in every activity. In the case of Mikhail, Mr. O’Malley used the strategy of connecting learning to previous knowledge; though it was unsuccessful as he could not write a good essay without grammatical issues. The strategy comprises providing the student with new topic connections or events from the learner’s background and making them give a connection between the vocabulary in their first language and English. Mikhail had been schooling in the United for two years; thus he does not have a problem communicating in class, but his main problem is in grammatical mistakes. Therefore, linking his knowledge of English learned in the college to his first language can help improve his grammar. After and before reading, students tend to respond to prompts that assist them in linking their experiences to the main theme and characters (Curtin, 2009). The instructional inputs that follow the prompts give oral language practice for the ELLs and assist in deepening the students’ comprehension conceptual framework. Researchers discovered that the instructional input increases comprehension for the ELLs and deepens their

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