Friday, October 18, 2019

Organization Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organization - Research Paper Example The companies selected for analysis are IBM (manufacturing company. Following Reed (2001): â€Å"Motivation must be understood not as a series of separate "needs" but as the dynamic aspect of the very functioning of a living organism. In other words, any living organism is, in effect, a pattern of intrinsically active and directed relational functioning† (p. 60). These meanings may be expressed in organization writings, thought, or language management, and social context, an organization sustains its own cultural system of symbols and meanings that can be widely shared by organizational members. the main difference between content’ and ‘process’ theories of motivation. is that the latter determines motivation as a cognitive rational process while the former sees motivation as needs satisfaction process. Motivation is the main factors which helps companies to attract and retain top talents. The task of the HR manager is to envision these threats in advance, so he will be able to avoid them, or at least minimize their negati ve impact upon well-being. Although managers do not find it a comfortable activity to dwell on unpleasant events, the future survival of organizations and society, itself, mandates that we try to anticipate worst-case scenarios and develop creative methods to manage them. Motivation programs should be effective and management policies should ensure success and positive outcomes. The main methods used by managers will be goal setting method and the leadership. If too much stress is placed on getting the work done, human motivation will suffer. The main strategies applied to the program will be motivation and inspiring employees, cooperation and support initiatives. If all of the emphasis is placed on workers satisfaction, then productivity will suffer. Further, a HR manager can share this expertise with other managers and employees, so that the total organization expands

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