Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Super Computer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A Super Computer - Essay Example The problem was clear to the average reader and did not require a reader to go through it severally in order to understand the message that was being put across as the essay. However, the essay made hasty conclusions and provided incomplete arguments as the evidence that was provided was not sufficient to prove some of the points presented in the essay (White, 1996, 40). This is is seen in the argument that the computer is not capable of understanding the connection between between ideas in their own as this is a form of understanding that is developed by human being. Nonetheless, it shold also be noted that human beings are responsible for the manner in which computers work and all the input that that goes into them. Therefore, self-awareness for the computer cannt be ruled out as the computers can learn it from the human elements that the scientists input into it. The point that the essay states that agreeing to what the super computer is asking for on the basis of self-awareness will imply that the computer will not work in the way it is supposed to can be considered as an unknown fact. The main reason why this is considered as an unknown fact is that it cannot be used in science of philosophy and cannot be verified (White, 1996, 47). There is no way of being certain that the computer will fail to function as it is supposed to if it was allowed to continue operating with its self-awareness and if the scientists yield to its demand except through giving it that chance and making the decision after seeing the outcome.

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