Sunday, November 24, 2019

Berly Markham essays

Berly Markham essays Beryl Markham lead a remarkable life; from the warm and wild farm in Njoro to the wide open skies over Nairobi, Beru, as most natives said her name of Laweit as Arab Maina called her established grand relationships with not only many of the people she came in contact with, but she also have some special bonds with many of the animals she encountered in her life. Although many of the students complained that some of her characters were one dimensional, her chapters lacked focus or even that she didnt dig deep enough into her personal life. I personally the Beryl Markham was an eccentric in her own rite and wrote about people, places and things that influenced her life the most. Besides that you have to give her praises, for such a unique style of writing. To begin to understand that Markhams childhood was not an ordinary one. Spent most of her youth growing up on a farm in Africa by her father. He father whom she loved dearly, was a very talented horse breeder who instilled the love of horses in Markham. When most girls Beryls age were playing with dolls and drinking tea, Beryl was learning to speak African languages and hunting with the Murani tribe who were in a sense much like Beryls family. Beryls father was away doing business much during the day Beryl the Muranis were much her keeper during the day. I think that her father was the first influential person that we come across in West with the Night Beryls mother left who left with Beryls brother Richard to return to England was really not a part of her life. Beryl looked up to her father, she admired his hard work and honesty and incorporated his words or wisdom in truth in her own life. She recalls the stories her father would tells her when she was younger. She says He would tell me old legends about Mount Kenya or about the Mengai Crater...I would ride alongside and ask endless questions (Markham 58). To think that...

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