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Jim Crow laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Jim Crow laws - Essay Example Jim Crow laws It was reported that the racial economic gap between the blacks and whites tripled in the year 1984. At the same time slave trade was reported to increase significantly whereby, the blacks were overworked in the plantations, construction of American railway lines and in the mines. This made African Americans in the south to launch a civil war on April 1865, civil war continued to fight slavery and mistreatment of blacks by the whites. Before 1865 the civil war was successfully able to end slave trade. In above connection, the civil war was reported to be successful because it helped the African Americans to accumulate wealth. However, their efforts failed in the year 1874 due to their higher commitment on risky loans that were initially advanced to them by the whites. In addition, the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment were further established and approved by the congress after the civil war. The Thirteenth amendment was established to abolish slavery while the Fourteenth amendment was established to protect human rights that were adversely affected by racial segregation. However, the two amendments continued to experience challenges because even after the enforcement they were altered by the majority whites to suit their needs and prevent equality between the whites and the blacks. In the year 1890 the state passed laws that were aimed at increasing racial segregation against the black people. One of the examples of these laws is the Jim Crow statute. This law was established after the civil war movement was over. ... In addition, they were not satisfied with the amendment in the laws which asserted passed that all people were to be treated equally and with dignity despite discrepancy in racial and ethnic set up. The above amendments made the southern state to become dissatisfied whereby, instead of implementing the resolutions made, they started making further amendments of the law. The first amendment was made in 1980 by the legislature and was supported by the U.S Supreme Court together with American whites in the southern parts. The Jim Crow system segregated blacks in all aspect of life. For example, in Birmingham, Albama, 1930, Jim Crow Law asserted that, it shall be unlawful for the white and Negro to accompany each other or play any game together. In Nebraska, 1911, Jim Crow Laws stated that marriage between a white person and any other race such as Japanese, Chinese and Negro shall be void. In Missouri, 1929, Jim Crow Law stated that separate school shall be established and it shall be un lawful for Childs of Negros to attend any white school and vice versa. In Tennessee, 1891, Jim Craw laws stated that it separate accommodation shall be provided for the white and colored people in all railroads that carry passengers in the state. Access to health care was also faced with racial discrimination by which, blacks were not supposed to attend the same hospital. For example, it was illegal for a white nurse to attend a black man irrespective of whether the patient is in critical condition. Racial segregation under Jim Crow Laws may further be observed in the case of Plessey vs. Ferguson (1896). In this case, 30 years old Plessey sat on a white car of East Louisiana Railroad and identified himself as a

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