Friday, November 8, 2019

Separate Peace Discussion Essay essays

Separate Peace Discussion Essay essays In the novel A Separate Peace the friendship of Finny and Gene is very similar to that of any organization. First it should be made known that most organizations are a way of fitting in with people of similar interests, views, or goals. Most organization, no matter how democratic, will always have some kind of leader over the rest. In instances of many leaders one will always be above the rest. These leaders will have more power, influence, and respect then the others. No matter how erratic their decisions are, their are always people that will follow or risk of being different, ultimately not fitting in. The fear of loneliness or rejection will always clump together the masses. Organizations are a way of showing or pretending to be like others as an effort to fit in or risk being one's true self for fearing to be rejected by society. In the novel A Separate Peace Finny and Gene's relationship shows most if not all the signs of a organization. Finny seems as in control as any leader would be in a organization. He even takes the first step of starting it by saying, "He and Gene are best of friends now." This statement confirms that he initiated the friendship. As a normal person Gene was sure at first if he would accept Finny's friendship, but after evaluating he's benefits as part of the population he accepts the friendship. Gene seemed to have tested Finny's qualities before offering his friendship to see if Finny was good enough by seeing if he was willing to jump from a tree. This would show Finny if he was willing to trust him and if he would do things that Finny wanted him to. The tree jumping would also prove to be the joining procedure to the Summer Suicide Society they would later create and head. After the offer for friendship by Finny, Finny and Gene got involved in a wrestling match with eac h other. This like many organizations is like rough housing to show belongi ...

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